Monday, August 6, 2012

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Trois!

Sigh....If I were British, I would never travel. 

I have a thing, of sorts for British men, the accent.  I wish I could explain that "thing" but I just can't.  It's just a "thing" and I will leave it right there.  It actually makes me understand a little bit how I get out of speeding tickets when I play my accent up.  I never connected the dots on that before and thought it weird how many tickets I have gotten out of since I moved to Maryland.  I think I've gotten one ticket in this state and it was from a chick.  I mean I totally know it's the accent but I just never saw the fascination with it.  But, I think I finally got it.

My friend Karen is hosting soccer coaches from the UK who teach soccer to her kids and others.  It's actually a pretty neat program and how great it must be to travel for something like that and be put up by families across the east coast. 

While I just got back from Tennessee so my accent may be a little worse than usual, I found it odd that one of her coaches picked up on it and asked where in the south I was from.  I also found it odd that a friend from Nashville had the nerve to make fun of my accent while I was there.  WTF?  How is that okay?  He is from Nashville too!  That's just wrong!

Anyhoo, this was the point when I realized my ridiculousness.  I was speaking to this totally nice guy, a visitor, a guest in my friends home and I had trouble looking at him.  That friggen accent made me feel like a 15 year old school girl.  Giddy as hell!  So embarrassing!  I attempted to clean up Karen's house while he was speaking to me so I didn't have to look directly at him!  I'm such a tool!

So this is me, today, NOT watching hot British guys drive away.  I swear!  I was totally hiding from the children!!!!

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