Monday, August 27, 2012

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Trois!

Flustered.  That's how I spent the majority of my day.  A friend did something early on and it has yet to leave me. I'm rarely flustered but I spent the majority of today giggling like a twelve year old, dropping everything I touched and driving the wrong way down an Interstate I should know well.  Even my kid was looking at me like, WTF momma?

I started out the morning slicing my finger with a Pampered Chef knife while I tried to make breakfast for my babies.  They should market those bitches as flesh cutters because they are sharp as hell.

River starts school tomorrow so Owen and I spent the day with her, doing things that won't be as easy once she is in school.  I did this with Owen when he was three and I cherish the time.  I have no idea what her being in school will be like for her but she seems excited.  I don't have to leave her there because it's only an hour and all the parents stay.  I have to cancel Owen's P/T conference for tomorrow because Chris is out of town so he can be closer to BT in Virginia.    Hopefully they'll still let me come to River's class tomorrow with Owen in tow.  I've got no place to leave him on short notice.  I need a personal assistant or a stalker or something.....

Having my daughter's very first day of school ever be the day after the school shooting at Perry Hall, not cool.  That's just too damn close and the things I'm hearing about it are heart wrenching. I had been fully clothed and ready to walk out the door when I heard about it.  Odd how a friend from Tennessee was the one who first told me in the first place.  I sat on the bed and watched the coverage until I couldn't anymore.  It stressed me out.  I needed to stop watching a school shooting 30 minutes from my house so I could go and buy my daughter's school supplies.  That's a problem if the 2000s.

We ran errands, tried to get Owen's haircut at a place that is closed on Mondays and then stopped by a store where I found the cutest bra ever! I mean is this not the cutest thing ever?

If you wear anything over a C cup, you're screwed.  I want smaller boobs.  I just want to wear a cute bra.  Is that so wrong?  I want that fucking bra.  I'm totally gonna stalk the net for for it.  Fucking D cups!

After that I hung out in the backyard with the kids.  I tried to take a photo of Owen and I together but he wouldn't do it without Darth Vader's ship in the photo. Whateves.  We were together.  I don't care about the ship.

Then we sat in the cool grass as the sun disappeared and I took photos of this giganto mushroom that has been slowly growing in the side yard.  No fantasizing 'shrooms, I just love the HUGE ones that grow in my yard.  Also, how often do you see a mushroom from underneath??

 Then I ticked my babies into bed.  When they wake up in the morning, one of them will be a pre-schooler!!

So this is me today, in the back yard with my babies on a beautiful day having a really hard time not laughing.  That never happens.  Good day.

"You learn something every day if you pay attention."

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