Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Trois!

Huuummmmmm, up at 7:15 AM with two kids and out the door by 8 AM.  Not something I do well.

But, I worked it out. In fact, we were even early.  End result?  Tomorrow I get the privilege of my second mammogram in the month of my birth and they added on an ultrasound just to make it sting.  Good times.  We'd planned to spend the day with friends at the pool but now I get to drop my kids off with a friend at the pool (thanks to her) and go pay someone to squish my tits until I pass out.  Don't hate!

I knew when I got up this morning that I would be a source to be reckoned with today.  I was in a terrible mood of stress and anxiety and I would have preferred to not talk to another soul.  Clearly that wasn't possible to I put my darkest eye rolling sunglasses on and that fake smile I save for the worst days and attempted to not kill someone.

I think I did okay.

After that shit storm of a doctor's appointment and the nurse practitioner telling me the "mass" was "concerning" (sigh....) I took the kids to the park.  It's not like I could take them to lunch because I had left my wallet in my red purse from the night before.  Thankfully they seemed content with playing around for a little while before we drove home to pick it up.

 Seriously, I'm supposed to cut that hair off?

We picked up my wallet and headed to the mall.  Where as God is my witness I was exhausted.  I mean overly tired.  I'm sure it is the stress from the appointments, at least I'm hoping it is but it was wiping me out. Figures I would promise the kids a pretzel and it's all the way on the other sideof the mall.  I rallied and even found the coolest boots ever!

I can't wait to kick someone in the ass with these bitches.

Best part of my day, Owen has become pretty fond of using my camera, which pleases me.  He actually points and lines up the lens before he clicks off 15 frames in 8 seconds.  Just like his momma!

Anyhoo, this is me today trying to forget stress that makes me throw up and think how terrible it would be to not be there for my children.

"The worst tragedy is to leave your kids behind."

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