Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Trois!

After breakfast we headed to Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.  I'd heard so much about how you don't swim in Maine that I didn't bring the kid's suits.  That's the first and last time I listen to other people because everyone was swimming.  I let the kids get wet without bitching about it because I felt so bad.  We're going to go back again tomorrow so they can get in.  River is afraid of the "green stuff" in the water so she runs around protecting herself with her hands over her ears.  Makes sense.

We had pizza for dinner at a little place along the road.  I would like to tell you how this quaint little authentic Italian mom and pop restaurant blew my socks off but that pizza must be what it's like to chew in the inside of some one's asshole.  It was fucking horrible and the sauce tasted like it had pineapple cooked into it,  I mean I like pineapple but much like dead ants, I don't want them on my pizza.  Best part, I shook the parm cheese over it to douse the taste and the top came off, drenching it in cheese.  The pizza must have been bad because I didn't even fucking care.  It took nothing away from that shitfest.

Side note:  Check out that shitty fork that melted as I cut the pizza.  Here's a tip: You're a dine in restaurant.  Invest in some fucking silver! 

Then the kids ordered ice cream.  As always, the first thing I say to River is "Hold this with both hands and don't drop it."  That lasted about 30 seconds.  As it hit the floor, River screamed.  Now I gotta tell you, few things are funnier than seeing a beautiful doe eyed, blue eyed three year old blond yell "Oh, shhhiiiitttt!" as her cup of strawberry ice cream hits the deck.  She gets that from me.  Horrible parenting moment but I laughed like a hyena. 

Anhyoo, this is me today, on the beach in the park, photographing my stunning daughter who looks nothing like me.

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