Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Trois!

Forty two.  I'm forty two.  I'm not even sure how that happened.  I swear when I fell asleep last night I was seventeen.  Now I'm married, have two kids and a dog.  How in fuck's sake did that happen?

We took the kids today to Acadia National Park.  It's beautiful there and you know I love few things more than trees.  If the park wasn't so busy I would have loved to walk around taking photos of trees.  I could do that all day.  I would rather be doing it in the Pacific Northwest but I'll take what I can get.

I got to dip my tootsies in some clear ass water....low nitrates!

We found a small beach that was neat and mostly empty, always a win.  We took a bunch of photos and a few of the family.  Most of them sucked but I like this one, even though Owen is showing his ass.

Then we took the kids swimming.  Our hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool.  The kids are loving it!

So, this is me today, on some beach in Acadia National Park, shocked that I'm forty fucking two.

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