Friday, August 10, 2012

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Trois!

I spent today driving to Virginia to drop Veruca off with  my In Laws.  We're skipping town tomorrow and visiting Maine for the first time.  I don't even know that much about it except a friend went like a year ago and her photos were beautiful.  That's really all it takes for me.  Beautiful photos.  Sold.

I don't care about hanging out on a beach.  I don't even think I've ever taken a beach vacation.  We couldn't afford Panama City Beach like everyone else when I was in school and I don't know how to swim.  I didn't even see the ocean until I went to college and my mostly Irish skin can't take it anyway.  So,  vacation to the Pacific Northwest or a place like Maine where we need to take a pair of jeans in August, I'm good with that.

When we go on family vacations I like to take photos of the kids.  I do family portraits as well.  We wear something similar and in my world, it's either black or white.  I'm leaning towards black this year but I'm bringing white as a back up.  I guess I'll wait and see what moves me when I get there.  As long as River wears her new combat boots, I don't really care.

The car is packed, and I plan to leave before the sun even attempts its first yawn so I'm all about turning in early after an emotional day of questions unanswered and worry for a friend I adore.  Hoping he comes back into the fold and doesn't believe his press.I'm also bummed because no more Manchester United...BOO!

So, here I am today, getting ready for a 11 hour car trip with my family.  I like this photo because I think I look like a corpse.

"I like knowing about you," he said.

Huh, that's new. 

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