Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Premature Valentines

If I've learned anything from having children it's that if I save things for the last minute, I'll end up in the ER for something stupid and we'll miss everything we were planning for so it's best to get crackin' early if I know I've got stuff to make. I've also learned that I can get through just about anything with a girly drink and some Johnny Flynn.

What I should have titled this post is "I Made that Cricut My Bitch!" because I have been using that thing like a work horse as of late. I've had baby showers, Valentines day and a double Birthday party for the kids that I've been working on lately and my son has been right there helping me!

Well, he didn't help me with the shower (excuse me, sprinkle) things that I made for my girlfriend's sprinkle (3rd kid) but that was easy enough. We put a scrapbook together for her and it turned out pretty cool. Everyone made a page and I took photos of her with all her friends and then a couple of group shots.

It was pretty cool. Best part, I got it all done in time and it worked perfectly. How often does that happen?

Next on the agenda, Valentines. I knew before I asked my son that he would want trains on his valentines. He said the same thing last year and his obsession hasn't changed so I knew what I was in for ahead of time. It would be one thing if I could just run out and buy Thomas or Chuggington trains but I've never been able to find them short of a $36 12 pack of vintage Thomas Valentines and since I would rather smear warm shit across my face than pay that, I made my own. This year, Owen helped and had a great time doing it. He wrote his name on the back as well and he was very proud of himself. This is how his turned out:

I breathed a sigh of relief when I was done with Owen's Valentines two weeks before Valentines Day. Of course that didn't last long because as I was putting down the glue pen, River looked up at me with her angel eyes and in the meekest voice to ever come from my daughter said , "Momma, will you make me some Strawberry Shortcake Valentines?"

Sigh....of course I will. It was easy to agree to because I'd just bought a new Cricut cartridge that had a strawberry. That's easy, right? Then I made the mistake of asking her what she wanted on her Valentines. It really wasn't an open ended question. I thought for sure she'd say "A strawberry!" She of course said "My dolls." Figures.

So, I got her dolls, I made sure they were dressed appropriately and I brushed their hair. I lined them up on the deck, took about 300 photos and I choose six of the best ones for my husband to pick the winner. I bought some cheap pink glitter glue (cheapest crap ever but it worked. CTMH Glitz is 100 times better), used that Cricut cartridge I bought so I could work a strawberry into it and covered the strawberry with the glue. This is how River's turned out:

Of course I was so embarrassed to realize that River didn't have Orange Blossom before I took the photos. She's since gotten one, which wasn't easy because she was almost impossible to find but the truth is, with this Chaka Khan hair, I'm not sure if she would have fit in the photo anyway. Seriously, check out the size of her do. Like these chicks aren't top heavy enough.

Next up, a birthday party for the kids. I'm making a BIG "Happy Birthday" sign for the party. I mean this thing is ungodly large but whateves. It looks cool and it's just what they wanted. We're having a "Sweet treat" party so there's lots of signs to make and chocolate to buy for the chocolate fountain. I'm making signs like "Plum Pudding's Pretzel Rods" and Old Puffer Pete's Popcorn!" That kinda thing so I need lots of images but so far so good.

Of course Birthday parties also mean Birthday presents so I've been working on those. I'm making River a blanket, like the one I made for Owen when he was younger but his is Thomas and hers is Strawberry Shortcake, of course.

The things Owen is getting this year aren't made because I've made him all this stuff already. Well, I'm making him some things but when River asked me to make sleeping bags for her Strawberry Shortcake dolls, I had a fear he'd ask me to make them for his trains as well. I'm so glad he didn't because logistically, that would have been a total nightmare.

They are both betting chests. River is getting a new dress up chest because she ate the cardboard one she was given for breakfast. I knew when I first saw that, that it wouldn't last long and it didn't. So, I bought an unfinished wooden one and I'm painting it. In the process of painting it Owen said to me, "Momma, when you make mine, I want trains on it."

Sigh.... so he's getting one as well.I'm making him one and painting trains on the outside. River's is almost finished but I just started Owen's.

So, I'm knee deep in everything artsy right now. I have tons more to do for the party and as early as I got started, I still feel behind. The Valentines were started prematurely and finished quickly but this party stuff is hanging over my head. I love that it will look like I didn't do much if I pull it all off but it really is time consuming. My brother and brother in law are coming in for the party as well so I've got to clear a hole in the dungeon for them. I also told them I'd bathe. Oh the promises we make to our loved ones....

As busy as I am, I was also able to visit a friend and her kids today. If this new baby doesn't make your ovaries click together, nothing will.

Total side note, My son's real proud of his new Hearthbreaker underpants I got him for Valentines Day. I promised him I'd share.

So, now I'm off to make heart shaped cookies with the kids. I swear I'm turning into my friend Purdy who behind her back we've deemed "The Fucking Mother of the Year" because she's a great mom and always keeps her kids busy. I've had a great few months with the kids. I think we've hit our stride, even with River's evil side kicking in.

No fun Valentines Day dinner though although I did pick up a 20 piece nugget for my husband. No, I'm not joking but in my defense, I was out all day. He's bringing Boston Market home. Don't hate. I was a restaurant manager for years and the only thing worse than Valentines Day in a restaurant is Mother's Day in a restaurant. Both made me want to mellonball my eyes out. I would rather punch myself in the face than deal with either right now. A quiet dinner at home with my son in his new undies sounds just about right. I did buy this for myself today. I've been wanting it for a while and it became clear it wasn't going on sale. I even had a friend check the outlet first so I did the legwork. Ain't it pretty?

Happy Valentines Day!!

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