Monday, February 27, 2012

My Doctor Tried to Kill Me...Again.

As scary as it may be, I bet this kind of thing happens all the time. I'm dyslexic so I invert numbers more often than I get them right, but I'm not a doctor so when you do shit that can kill me, on a somewhat regular basis, I have a right to be furious.

Tomorrow we will have lived in this house for five years. When I moved to this area after my son was born, I kept the same Dr in my old town for a good six months to a year. I like her enough but as time went by, she had a turnover in her office staff that I wasn't pleased with so I bolted in the middle of that. I figure if you're going to drive 30 minutes one way to your doctor's office, you should love them and love them, I did not. Liking them wasn't enough when I had a new baby who needed his own doctor's appointments.

So, I found a new doctor and because I didn't really know anyone out here, I did it through my insurance company. Mistake #1.

She seemed nice enough. I mean I wasn't looking for perfection because that's a waste of time but I made sure she was aware of the fact that I have a kidney issue, Gestational Diabetes (at the time) and a high blood pressure, a good ole' family history! I have an Endocrinologist but I think a General Care Practitioner should be on top of all my issues so she doesn't prescribe something that would go against the medicines I'm already taking or, I don't know...kill me. I've told her at every single appointment that I have diabetes and high blood pressure so I thought she knew. Mistake #2.

I have to say that I've left doctors for many reasons. I move away, insurance issues, things like that but I've never left a doctor's office because I had concerns that the doctor might be an actual quack, until now. Well, that's not totally true. That isn't the only reason I'm leaving. Her office staff is completely worthless and not only that, they're dangerous. I'm not saying her name on here because A, I don't want to get sued and B, I'm saving it for all the reviews I am going to post when I give her reviews online and the letter I will be sending to her office.

I need more from an office staff than to tell me how cute my kids are. I mean it's nice and all but I'd prefer you call me with test results and not lie about no one answering. Let me give you a brief run down of the bullshit my Drs. office has pulled in the last few months alone..

*Never returning my calls.

*Saying they called with test results but I didn't answer. Hello, this is 2012. I have a cell phone and an answering machine. I know if you've called even if you didn't leave a message.

*Prescribing me a medication that contains sulfa. I'm allergic. It should be easy to remember BECAUSE IT'S IN BIG RED PRINT ON MY FILE!!

*Ordering a CT scan and not telling me that I won't be able to take my Diabetes medication for 48 hours after when I then need to have blood work done to verify that I'm not suffering from Lactic acidosis and then when they call with my results, they give me my A1C and say "Your blood sugar is a little high." No shit Einstein. I haven't taken my medication for three days! You thought it would go down? Also, those aren't the results I was waiting for and you're an idiot for not knowing that. It's been almost 2 months and I still haven't gotten those. I started taking my medication again per my Endocrinologist or I would have slipped into a diabetic coma by now.

* When I call and say "I have a mini emergency and this is totally my fault but I thought I had one more bottle of BP meds and I was wrong. I ran out and the last one I took was Saturday at 8 AM. Today is Monday. I need new meds today. Can you please have the Dr call it in? Here is the number for the pharmacy." I made it idiot proof. It's 7:59 PM. No one bothered to call me.

*When I call because I need a refill on my blood pressure medicine, they ask for my name and date of birth and then try to refill a blood pressure pill I'm not even taking because THEY THINK MY NAME IS JACKIE!!!

*After I've told them I was finished nursing AND having children, they left me on Metformin when there is an alternative diabetic medication that helps protect the kidneys. My kidneys aren't great. Why would they not put me on that medication? If it weren't for my Endocrinologist, I would never have known.

*When I call the office and start to answer a question I've been asked, they interrupt me by saying "Name?" That's just fucking rude and that's where I lost it today. Let me finish answering the question you've asked me and if you're so jaded by your job that you're that miserable, FIND A NEW JOB BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT TAKING THAT SHIT OUT ON ME!!!

So, in an attempt to live through another year, I called a friends Dr. today to make an appointment. The woman who answered the phone could not have been nicer. It both confused and impressed me. As my friend pointed out, my expectations are low. I would just like for my doctor not to kill me through her own ineptitude.

We will see where this goes. The only thing I know for sure is that I will never step foot in that death trap of an office ever again. Thank God I'm not one of those patients who pops a pill in my mouth and then asks "What was that?" I've learned to have some control over my healthcare because clearly it can't be trusted in the hands of anyone else. I dug that woman on the phone today a new asshole after she was rude to me but in my defence, look how long the buildup was. To say my level of care was poor is almost laughable because they honestly could have killed me on more than two occasions.

This is the best part, during my last appointment, I complained about the CT scan/Metformin issue and the doctor (who isn't my normal doctor) said, "I know. We need new office staff." Yeah, you need more than new office staff, you need to dig this fucking building out of the ground and start over. Of course this is the same guy who told me I was depressed when I told him I was tired. Maybe he was right. I clearly must have been crazy to ever be a patient in that shit hole of a doctor's office.

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