Friday, December 2, 2011

Sigh.....I Love Johnny Flynn in the Lotus Eaters

Oh Johnny Flynn....mon amour.....I swear that boy can do no wrong.

My husband and I went into DC to the first night of the Irish Film Festival. I'll be honest, I didn't know about the Irish Film Festival but there was a movie premiering there and I'd wanted to see it for some time. In fact, I'd been searching for the movie for well over six months. I could find it no where except far off film festivals and this quaint little theater in West London. I'm just outside of DC so as much as I'd like to hop over the Atlantic Ocean and spend a night with Johnny Flynn, there are limitations.

My husband insisted we get something to eat before we went into the theater, something about working all day. I never eat if I'm really excited about something for two reasons, I'm generally not hungry and I like to be early so I just sat there while he slowly swallowed every bite. I mean he was right in that we had plenty of time and as we were some of the first people there, we clearly had plenty of time but I like to be early when I'm excited. I think I said that already.

I'd found out about the premiere at the E Street Cinema, just a few days ago and was able to get tickets for what was probably the tinniest theater I'd ever been in. While I thought it was the perfect setting for a film festival and the theater clearly had new seats, it had the feeling of an old bomb shelter. We had to go down a large flight of steps and down a know. I'm not complaining, I thought it was a nice theater, but that's just how it felt.

I was in love with Johnny Flynn before I got there, that was a given but I'm not the kind a fan who won't be able to see your faults through my love of you. I'm quite the opposite actually in that if I love you, my expectations are higher. So with that thinking, I hadn't expected much. I was able to keep an open mind but Johnny Flynn is such an incredible musician and songwriter, a poet really that I thought for sure he couldn't be really, really good at this as well, right?

Clearly I'm the asshole because not only was he excellent in this movie, this entire movie was excellent! I loved it and I'm just not one to jump to the optimistic side of things in a flash but this movie really was very good, and not just because of Johnny Flynn who plays Charlie, but in all honesty, he was ridiculously good and well suited for this role. The only other movie I'd ever seen him in was Crusade and that's a kids movie so it can't even be rated in the same way as this. In this movie he plays a guy who is spinning out of control and though all of his friends seem to care for him, all they can really do is watch. It's the Elvis Presley rule..."How can you save a man from himself?" Well, you can't.

This is a synopsis I found for Lotus Eaters from the Tribecca Film Festival:

The bright young things of London's social elite lead an excessive, lavish lifestyle that allows them to luxuriate in their own self-destruction. At the center is Alice, an ex-model unable to keep up with the opulent standards her peers feverishly chase. Alice may be in love with her on-and-off boyfriend Charlie, but the multiple pleasures of wealth and youth distract them from commitment. Meanwhile, Felix is besotted with Alice, even as he indecisively takes up with his naïve, needy girlfriend. Between wild summer nights in Glastonbury and the South of France, a lovelorn Orna gets her rocks off weaving overlapping love triangles that wreak havoc on impressionable hearts.

Alexandra McGuinness' elegant black-and-white directorial debut finds the pulse of something real in a hot mess of horses, pet monkeys, spiritual gurus, and vodka baths. Clad in chic, sparkly outfits and perplexing headpieces, a luminescent ensemble led by Antonia Campbell-Hughes with Benn Northover, Amber Anderson, Cynthia Fortune Ryan, Liam Browne, Gina Bramhill, Jay Choi, Alex Wyndham, Daisy Lewis, and Katrena Rochell flounce about to an evocative indie soundtrack featuring the anachronistic folk stylings of lead actor Johnny Flynn alongside performances from emerging bands.

--Roya Rastegar

When we'd first gotten to the screening, I talked to a lady to get more information. I've never really been to a film festival before so I was looking around for a movie poster and couldn't find one. Apparently because there is a different movie each night of the festival, they don't have posters. I still think they should but that's just me. BUT, she was kind and gave me some info which I photographed above and promised to send me some high res. photos that I still haven't gotten. Hopefully I will soon.

She also told me about the opening night party for the film festival which would be at a restaurant nearby. When she was first inviting me, I was only half listening because I thought there was no way my husband would be up for that after working all day and kind of being along for the ride on this one, but I mentioned it and he wasn't totally against it so I went back for more information and we decided to go.

The party was at the AGAINN Restaurant on New York Ave. I guess it's a British/American restaurant. We actually had bangers, which I think my husband usually loves. I had a little bit of food but just drank water but the food I did eat was really good and the bartender was friendly. I don't ask for more than that. I guess it was a bit of a Scotch bar as well. Some people have their own cabinet where their own special scotch is stored. Seemed kind of pretentious, but what do I know? I don't drink Scotch.

This is me at the restaurant as I looked around and gave my husband a few minutes to enjoy his beer.

Nice knockers!

Another really, really great thing about this movie has the actress who played Alice. She was there last night and shyly introduced the film. Her name is Antonia Campbell-Hughes and she is brilliant! I don't know much about her but don't kid yourself into thinking that I didn't come home and Google her! She's had a really busy year so there should be a lot of her to see soon. Good for her! She's hella talented! I was able to speak with her last night and she's very kind as well. Tiny little thing with some kick ass heels but very soft spoken, very British and skin that looks like it's never seen the sun. I don't mean that in a bad way, she's actually very pretty. I'm just saying that her skin is like spun silk. It reminded me of my two year old daughter. Beautiful skin.

Now I can't quote her on anything because my mind doesn't work that way and it's not like I was taking notes but we talked a bit about Johnny Flynn when she asked me how I'd heard of the film. I love being able to tell someone of another great thing I learned via Johnny Flynn. I also wanted her to know I'd be posting on my blog as well as the JohnnyFlynnNews on Twitter. "Oh yeah, Johnny's Twitter! I know that girl who runs it..." She clicked her fingers together, searching for the name she knew.

"Rebecca?" I said.

"Oh yeah, Rebecca! You know her?"

I smiled. "I do."

"Johnny's world is a tight one" she said.

What I said, "Of course." What I was screaming inside, "Hell yeah, we're kinda like folk soldiers!"

She told me how his part in the film hadn't originally been that large but because he was so good, they made his part bigger. She also mentioned how she thought he was going to focus more on acting for a while because of the burdens that come with being responsible for a full band and the fact that he is newly married and a has a brand new baby. Who wouldn't want to stay closer to home for that? While I totally understand this, it saddens me. He's so talented that I think he deserves to be more well known. I hate to think that after two amazing albums like that he would consider throwing in the towel. It just seems unfair. I can't help but question the people who are handling him. Hello? Facebook page! Jump into 2011 before 2012 kicks you in the ass!!! When someone offers to run it for free...TAKE THEM UP ON IT WHEN YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED IT SINCE AUGUST 19th!!!

Anyway, it was a great night and a great movie! Please go see it if you get the chance. The story is interesting, the clothes are fabulous and it's packed with lots of great actors! Worth every penny!

Check out her IMDB page HERE. Lots of stuff in the works!

We didn't stay at the party long as we had a babysitter with the kids and my husband had to work in the morning but I had a really good time. I got out of the house on a big girl date with my husband. we don't get to do that often. We saw a great movie I'd been scoping out for ages. I met some really nice people, including a great new actress I just discovered and I got to carry on my love of all things Johnny Flynn. I think I might love him even more knowing that THIS is his backup plan. Jesus, to be so talented!

If you don't know who Johnny Flynn is, there is just no excuse for that. Look him up. He's worth a listen:

Johnny Flynn Facebook

Johnny Flynn Official Twitter Account

The trailer:

.....and the it was back to Chinatown to get on the Metro.

There was a hockey game tonight. Beer hats!!

Apparently there is a bike honor system in Washington DC. An honor system in DC. That's fucking hysterical!


  1. Lucky you! I want to see that movie. I also want to see LIKE CRAZY too, which I noticed was showing in your pics.

    That's great he's gonna focus on acting, again. He's so rich with talent, such an original musician and songwriter. I just hope he won't spoil that. All this you know.

    Sounds like you guys had a great time.

  2. Wow! Sounds like a great movie. Now I have to check it out.

    So... I mentioned you in a blog post and am passing along the Sunshine Award 2011, if you choose to accept. Some bloggers just aren't into that kind of thing. If you are, here is the link to the post: I'm sure I'll be stopping by again soon! :)

  3. wow how cool....tell me how tall Johnny is? I saw the photos of you and him...

  4. I think he's just at 6 ft, but not over. He wasn't as tall as I thought he'd be but they never are. Love him regardless!

  5. Hell, I'd probably love him if he were a hobbitt.