Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's been a long year, a long great year. I mean I have a million things to be thankful for and I go out of my way to not take any of those things for granted. There will always be things that I want and I think that's a good thing, as long as I appreciate the things I have, and I do.

However, with the knowledge I've gleamed in my life, certainly this year, I plan to shake things up a little bit and stop wasting my time on things and people that just don't matter. I made a good friend this year via Twilight of all things and I'm glad I have her in my life. Her craziness makes me more accepting of my own and that's always a good thing. She's also an excellent mom who adores her beautiful daughter and that's always nice to see in a friend. Her daughter is going to college next year as a photo major. Girl after my own heart!

I also have a really good friend who is about to give birth and I think she's a treasure. Her husband is politically misguided but I love her so much that I let it go. We should be able to start celebrating the birth of her newest youngin' soon so I'm looking forward to that. I also adore her children and love having them over. I know they drive her crazy at times but we love the Dove kids. They're so sweet when they visit and I just like hanging out with them. I hope someone says nice things like that about my own kids. My only issue with her is that she isn't finding out what the baby is. It could be a kangaroo for all I know which makes it almost impossible to shop.

Speaking of babies being born, I got to see it with my own eyes this year. I mean how cool is it to watch a life come into the world? It makes the visual of the sun being born pale by comparison and he really is such an angel. I know I was there for the birth of my own children but I spent most of that time whistling beef over the edge of an operating table so it lost it's luster a little bit. Seeing it from the other side (so to speak) was amazing, a privilege really. I'll always have a special place in my heart for little Nathan. Actually, he's not so little anymore, but just as sweet.

My husband and I went on a kickass wine weekend in Virgina with some friends. I don't even drink wine and I had a blast! That's saying something. I didn't even bitch when two minutes into the Apple Cider tasting I realized it had sulfites in it as I started to sweat and get all clammy and a big ass headache said "Oh no you don't sister!" All was good. I survived and I love this photo we forced the wine guy to take of us. This is just after the Quades lost an Olson twin between them so I'm happy there is a pregnant girl separating me from that skinny bitch. Not that I planned that...wink wink...

The truth is, I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I have an great family, wonderful friends that I adore and my kids social calender is ridiculous! They're more popular than I've ever been and I love that! I had to leave a playgroup this year and the main reason is that, I just couldn't get there. I don't feel like we left them behind, because I love those girls and we're still friends but it just wasn't working for me. I miss seeing them on a regular basis but with a kid in school five days a week, it was impossible to get there with any regularity and at some point you just have to be honest with yourself about what you're capable of. We recently went to the train museum together and I hope we get to do that often because we had a great time visiting with friends.

Beautiful kids, great moms, a lot to miss but I did the right thing. I don't function well with shit (no matter how good it is) hanging over my head. I don't like being late or not being able to get there so I put myself out of my own misery and in more way than one. Tough decision, but one I can live with. It's not like I won't see them. Birthday season is just beginning after all.

I (alone) drove my kids the twelve hours to visit my mother in Georgia. Well, the twelve hour car trip turned into fourteen but it wasn't so bad. It was actually fun! I love car trips and it was nice to visit with friends, have my kids meet my father and spend a week hunting trains with the boy. He and I even drove to see Robert Pattinson's house in Water for Elephants. It was so close. How could I not? Sigh....he's so dreamy....

This is Owen collecting a couple of rocks from the driveway. He insisted on bringing them home. I didn't argue. No one has even lived here for like 14 years.

The kids at the Parthenon

We went to see the Train Garden at Cheekwood. It was a big hit!

River with Grandpa Bert waiting for out train ride

Owen with Grammos. In his defense, the train was 15 feet away and really, really loud.

This is River taking up a whole bed in our hotel in Nashville after she projectile vomited on me in Target. Yeah, I drew on the bikini.

The kids meeting my father.

These things at Cheekwood creeped me out as a kid and after all these years, not much has changed.

But how I still love them.....

I also still appreciate my love of great music. There just isn't enough of it these days. While I didn't discover Johnny Flynn this year, my love for him grew and on a night alone, I'd rather listen to no one else. So, if I could, I'd thank him for that. Actually, I have thanked him in person but I'd like to do it again and I will.

In the end the things I have to be the most thankful of are my beautiful, sweet angelic children. So amazing and kind to each other. There are many days that I just feel like I don't deserve them but I plan to spend the rest of my life trying.

I know 2012 will be good. I've got a lot to look forward to and I'm excited for it to come! Shake off the old and insignificant and appreciate what I've got. That's my resolution and I'll get to it right after I ring in the new year with two sleeping babies, and fondue with my husband. Woot Woot!

Friday, December 30, 2011


All things considered, we had a pretty good Christmas. Double ear infections, undiagnosed strep throat, and the joy of spreading our sicknesses with others were just a few of the things we all had to be thankful for this year. But in the end, the fat man came, he left and we're still cleaning out of his gift giving extravaganza. I'd go so far as to say he laid a finger to the side of his nose and snotted ribbon and extra tape across our basement. The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow shines bright on the layer of gift boxes, torn gift bags and an assload of bows that my daughter thinks she needs in her hair.

River got her Cherry Jam doll (Yay Penny!) and her Barbie Jeep and Owen got an assload of trains and a kickass drum set and microphone that has me already plotting my brother's demise.

Now she can join her brother:

So we survived Christmas and in the end only had a few things we needed to exchange. All were too big and since I was just switching sizes, you'd think that would be no big deal, right? Eh, hemm.....wrong.

So a few days after Christmas while we were in Virginia visiting my husband's parents, I needed diapers for River so I took the things I needed to switch out, figuring I'd take care of it then. We headed to Target. First stop, "customer service."

Here's the conversation:

"I just need to exchange these for different sizes."

"Do you have a receipt?"

"No, they're Christmas gifts."

"So you don't have a receipt?"

Really? "Of course not, they're Christmas gifts."

"You can't exchange without a receipt."

"I can't exchange a size without a receipt?"

"No. I can put it on a gift card and you can re buy them." This is where I started trying to find my happy place.

"What is the point of that?"

"That's just our policy."

That line always gets me. It says you have no other argument except to follow orders. It means you don't believe in the crap you're spewing because I know it is stupid and so do you.

"Ok, that's stupid but I'll do that."

Then she starts ringing it up and I realize she's giving me half the price my Mother in Law paid for these items. I don't care that it's not my money but I'm not throwing it away. I'd rather my kids just grow into them than bend over at Target customer service and taking it up the ass in her name.

"Just forget it. That's ridiculous. I'll ask her for the receipt and come back. There is no reason for that when it has a giganto Target right on it! I mean you know it came from here."

It would be one thing if everything was on sale and you're giving me the price it is now, but that isn't what happened. The Harajuki mini tutu alone was $17 and she tried to give me $11. I went back to check as I'd never seen those things on sale and it wasn't. She was trying to give me less than I could turn around and buy it for.

Here's what I don't understand. How did Walmart get such a bad wrap and Target get out unscathed? Trust me, I hate Walmart but even they don't do this. I can just exchange sizes there with no problem. Target acts like their policy makes sense. I could see if I wanted money back, but I didn't. I would have gleefully takes then exact same items in smaller sizes. How does it hurt them to let me do that?

The bottom line is that Target's customer service sucks. The girl that "helped" me wasn't even nice and her manager was standing right there looking at me like I was crazy for questioning such a stupid policy. Shit rolls downhill I guess but it makes me want to buy my shit somewhere else. I mean there are a million places and Target is great until you need to return or exchange something and then they treat you like shit they want to wipe off their shoe.

It's shameful but in the end I was able to get the receipt from my MiL and return the items so I could buy new ones, at the price she paid for them. The fact that I was able to do that makes me appreciative of my MiL for saving the receipt, not at Target for allowing me to stand in line again behind other furious Christmas returnees.

I just find it funny that we give Walmart so much shit and let Target off the hook while they treat their customers like crap. I mean I get the Walmart labor issues but both Target and Walmart use factories with poor human rights records and with their low prices, both stores are putting smaller, more specialized and often locally owned retailers out of business. No one ever mentions that. Also, everyone in Target seems so miserable and they're just down right nasty, just like Walmart but I think part of the dress code at Target is a stick up your ass.

I remember once being at Target and some bitch yelled at me for trying to take an empty cart in a fitting room when it held my sleeping baby in an infant seat. That didn't end well but it's just another thing about Target that annoys the shit out of me. I think people are so busy hating Walmart that they let let the nice red shirts blind them to the shitty customer service that Target has going on. It's like they think it's the only option we have for dog food, cheap shoes and over priced toys.

In the end, I know that Walmart is worse but Target is getting there. The stores are over all cleaner and the people checking me out don't generally look like they rode the hobby horse to Hickeyville last night but Target could use an overhaul. That's all I'm saying.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Can See My Crotch!!!

You skinny girls won't easily understand this, but just bare with me.

I think a good fitting pair of jeans is tough to find for any woman but if you're of the chunkier persuasion (as I am) it gets even tougher. I might venture to say it's been damn near impossible. This is the problem with jeans for us big girls, everything is made of stretchy material which is great, for the first twenty minutes. Then you wear them, bend over once or twice and those bitches are too big. I've never understood why everything made for big girls is made of stretchy material. Just make my size. If it fits me I don't need it to stretch, right? Screw that "breathing with me" bullshit!

The photo above is me in my regular jeans and I don't mind saying I've got them pulled up to my chin and a belt wrapped around in order to get them to stay on because they're a little big for me but even if they weren't, they're ill fitting. How much material does one girl need between her legs? As a bigger girl, I can't tell you how long it's been since I've seen my crotch. I mean I know it's there but now in my new jeans I can see it and even grab it like Michael Jackson when he was newly white. It's a big deal. I paid twice as much for them as I think I've ever paid for a pair of jeans and they were on sale but it doesn't matter. It's nice to find a company that understands not all women's asses and thighs are created equal.

I love shopping at Lane Bryant whose tag line should be "Cute Clothes for Big Girls!" But even that has it's limitations. Here's the problem, or one of them. RASH GENERALIZATION ALERT! I think Lane Bryant clothes are made for black women. The reason for this is both in the colours of their clothes and the cut. Yeah, I know we're all the same on the inside, but our asses are completely different.

If Lane Bryant sells a black t-shirt, you can bet your ass that is comes in baby blue, deep purple, bright green and an orange that I'm certain you can see from the moon. In my (mostly) Irish opinion, those colours just don't look good on bright white skin. I know I look like a corpse in any of those colours I mentioned. As far as the cut, I can almost never wear pants from Lane Bryant. I find that there is extra material on the thighs as if expecting me to have a bigger ass. While I'm a big girl, I just don't think my ass is vast enough for Lane Bryant pants. When I've tried them on I've sometimes been left with small empty pockets of material on my thighs that confounds me.

In my opinion it's more socially excepted to be a heavy black woman in this country than it is to be a white one. I'm not feeling shunned mind you, I'm just saying that black women seem to have more stores geared to them, (I.E. Lane Bryant, The Avenue and Catherines) and if you do a search for heavy black woman and heavy white woman, you could find two like sized women with two completely different outlooks on their style and appearance. After my quick Google search of "Heavy Black Women" and "Heavy White Women" I found only things to support my theory. I found heavy black women that take great care of themselves, dress up in clothes that are body conscious and wear colours that would just look foolish on light coloured skin. I also found several blogs, all by heavy black women (one in my own town) that were just about
being a kick ass, self assured heavy black woman. I found absolutely nothing like that for white women. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I didn't come across it. What I did come across were blogs by white women about their struggles to lose weight or find clothes that fit them. Ahhhh, full circle moment.

When I Googled "Heavy black women" I got a few photos I didn't want, like a twenty year old photo of Color Me Badd (WTF?) but I also found perfect examples of what I'm talking about. I'm not making fun of any of these women, just showing there is a difference.

Here are a some examples:

I'm not trying to say that black women are overall better dressers because I don't know that to be the case. I just think when something is more socially acceptable, perhaps that just naturally breeds more confidence. I didn't search hard for the photos and I didn't ask for certain ages but while the heaviness and age of these women is across the board, some are workin' it while some have just completely given up. Why? Maybe because that's what society expects of them. Me, I'm a little different because I think my shit doesn't stink but most people aren't like that. I think it doesn't matter how big or small you are, but how you feel about yourself. If you weigh 3oo pounds and want to wear a bandaid to check the mail, I think it kicks ass if you have enough confidence to do it. Most people don't.

Me, I'm just glad I can see my crotch.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Women Over Forty

Sausage anyone?

As a woman over forty, I love this! It makes me giggle when younger women think they have it all figured out. I thought the same thing when I was younger. What an idiot I was! I would never go back!

Andy Rooney says:

As I grow in age, I value women who are over forty most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over forty will never wake you in the middle of the night to ask, “What are you thinking?” She doesn’t care what you think.

If a woman over forty doesn’t want to watch the game, she doesn’t sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do. And, it’s usually something more interesting.

A woman over forty knows herself well enough to be assured in who she is, what she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women past the age of forty give a hoot what you might think about her or what she’s doing.

Women over forty are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won’t hesitate to shoot you, if they think they can get away with it.

Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it’s like to be unappreciated.

A woman over forty has the self-assurance to introduce you to her women friends. A younger woman with a man will often ignore even her best friend because she doesn’t trust the guy with other women. Women over forty couldn’t care less if you’re attracted to her friends because she knows her friends won’t betray her.

Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over forty. They always know.

A woman over forty looks good wearing bright red lipstick. This is not true of younger women. Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a woman over forty is far sexier than her younger counterpart.

Older women are forthright and honest. They’ll tell you right off if you are a jerk, if you are acting like one! You don’t ever have to wonder where you stand with her.

Yes, we praise women over forty for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, it’s not reciprocal. For every stunning, smart, well-coiffed hot woman of forty-plus, there is a bald, paunchy relic in yellow pants making a fool of himself with some twenty-two-year-old waitress.

Ladies, I apologize.

For all those men who say, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free,” here’s an update for you. Now 80 percent of women are against marriage, why? Because women realize it’s not worth buying an entire pig, just to get a little sausage.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Love a Heated Hoo-Haa at 10 AM!

I have a lump. I'm not really alarmed by it as I'm sure it's nothing more than scar tissue but it's a lump none the less and I want to find out what it is. I think that's totally fair. I noticed it when I was in Georgia visiting my mother and when I came back I made an appointment with my doctor. They sent me for an ultrasound which I had 4 days or so later. Those results came back as nothing shown. Well, I can feel it, it's tender to the touch and it moved. Those things don't exactly excite me so rather than just assuming it is scar tissue, I decided to dig a little deeper with the suggested CT scan. I got the order from my doctor, looked it over and then walked across the hall and made an appointment at the imaging place. This is the same place where I had my ultrasound done. The women in there are really nice and when I show up without my order, like I did this morning, I can walk across the hall and get another one, which is what I did.

I got the order five days go and got up bright and early to drink that berry flavored jizz they give you. Two HUGE containers of it and I felt like I was going to be sick 3/4 of the way through the first banana favoured jug. It really is just vile. I refuse to believe we can put a man on the moon but we can't make that shit a little less chalky and vomit inducing. I mean how hard it is really? We can "set it and forget it" but we can't create something that I can keep down for longer than thirty minutes? Yeah, I puked today....three times but in my defense, the first time was the berry jizz, the second time was the nurse's fault and the third time was that fucking contrast. Raise your hand if you want to suck on a rusty lead pipe at 10 AM and have your nether regions heated? Nobody, nobody, Bueller, Bueller? Just talking about it makes my stomach sink.

So I drank that shit. At 8 AM I started with the banana jizz. I had asked for berry but they only had one left and banana was my only other option. I thought it would be the worst of the two and I was right. That's the one I threw up first. It tastes the same going both ways. My friend told me they also have a citrus one but I don't think I was ever given that. That seems like it would be a little less vile but I'm not putting any money on that because it's the consistancy that pushes me over the edge.

So I threw up some of the banana, drank as much of the berry one as I could stomach and pored the rest down the toilet. I mean I tried, I really did but once I puke, I'm donesies. The fact that I tried to motor through the berry is a comment on my sticktoitivness because I was frowning on the outside and screaming on the inside, "MAKE IT STOP!"

I got to the imaging place just in time only to find out that I forgot my doctor's order. No worries, I walked across the hall and got another one. I filled out my paper work which asked me if I was Diabetic and taking Metformin. Odd question I thought but I answered yes to both. Then I changed and left my belonging in this little locker with no lock. I kept my phone and little bag with me because God knows I can't have some fool stealing my "I Run with Vampires" bag.

Now this is where it got a little comical. I couldn't eat anything all morning so the only thing I had on my stomach was two huge things of barium and memories of it coming back up. So when I walked into the room for the scan, wrapped in a paper thin baby blue hospital gown, all I wanted to do was lay down. My humor was gone and that's the point when I usually start to go downhill. I'm not afraid of a CT scan but I know how they affect me. I was already nauseous and I knew it would only get worse.

I had almost made it to the table when the lady said, "We'll get this over as soon as possible. I know you've got all that stuff sitting on your stomach." That's all it took. I got a quick visual of that berriliscious jizz sitting on my stomach before exploding up my throat and I barely made it to the trash can.

After I gave them back some of their barium, I apologized to the lady and suggested perhaps she not give a visual where it wasn't really necessary. I understand that wouldn't do that to most people but even one person is too many when you're the one cleaning up the vomit, which she was. She was kind and just not thinking but uuuuggg, bad timing.

So I laid on the table, awaiting my impending rusty lead pipe doom and it came all too soon. I actually gagged a couple of times on the table but was able to suppress it. No idea how as I'm pretty famous for failing at that. I love how they say "OK, here comes the contrast. You'll get the metallic taste in your mouth and then you'll feel the heat. Mostly in your groin." Huh? I'm sure there is a reason it goes straight to your hoo-haa but I don't know what it is. I have a nurse friend. I'll skip over to Facebook and ask her to see if I can get an answer before I finish. I'd really like to know.

After the scan I felt a little dizzy (totally normal for me) so I laid on the table for a while. The nurse took out my IV, and asked me to hold it in the arm while I put pressure on it. Then I hear her say from behind me. "Are you a Ravens fan?" Ugggg, "No." "Well I hope you like purple!" I hate few things more than purple but good God this woman was cheery. So cheery that I wanted to hate her but I just couldn't. She'd cleaned up my vomit after all. We'd bonded.

I picked up my vampire bag, wrapped my floss like gown around my ass, walked down the hallway full of displaced pride and proceeded to puke my guts out in their bathroom that oddly enough smelled like fresh berries. Full circle moment.

I got dressed and the nurse handed me my discharge instructions. Clearly noted "DO NOT TAKE METFORMIN FOR 48 HOURS AFTER SCAN. MUST HAVE BLOOD WORK DONE FIRST." Say What?

I was pissed because that's something my doctor should have told me beforehand. They know I'm diabetic and they sure as shit know what medication I'm on as they make me tell them at the beginning of every visit. So why wouldn't they tell me beforehand so I can talk to my Endocrinologist before my appointment and make a plan? How does it make sense to tell a diabetic she can't take her insulin for at least two days with no clear plan? I like my actual doctor but her office is a clusterfuck. Get it together people! It's ben a while since I left a doctor's office because I hate the doctor but I've left several within recent memory because the office staff couldn't find their ass in a mirror. This is why I would never see a regular doctor about my Diabetes. It's a waste of time and they have no idea how to properly control it. I shared all of this info with the nurse when I walked across the hall to tell them how stupid that was. Her advice on what I should do with at least two days without Diabetes medication? "Check your blood sugar." No shit, really? I hadn't thought of that. She's a fucking genious! Just for shits and giggles I asked "And what do I do if it's high?" I knew she knew nothing about Diabetes but at this point, I just needed a laugh. "You call us." Yeah, that did it. I laughed out loud. Like I'd call that chick who was probably last in her class in nursing school. I feel good about that. She'd probably tell me to drink apple juice.

I'm totally fine with you not knowing what you're talking about as a nurse. Not every nurse knows everything about everything, but say that. Don't blow wind up my ass and give me health advice that could endanger me. Thankfully I take control over my own medical care and con't just do what I'm told and I have an excellent Endocrinologist so I don't plan on letting "Nurse Hasanybodyseenmyass" kill me.

I had to pull over on the side of the road on the way home because I got dizzy again. It took about thirty minutes for it to go away and I'm certain it was because that barium wreaked havoc on my blood sugar. At least it's done. Now I get to harass those people for my results. Wish me luck! If I can't get them, I'll just check my blood sugar. That seems to be the answer for everything.

Also, my nurse friend didn't know the heated hoo-haa answer. I Googled it but couldn't find anything.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Sigh.....I Love Johnny Flynn in the Lotus Eaters

Oh Johnny Flynn....mon amour.....I swear that boy can do no wrong.

My husband and I went into DC to the first night of the Irish Film Festival. I'll be honest, I didn't know about the Irish Film Festival but there was a movie premiering there and I'd wanted to see it for some time. In fact, I'd been searching for the movie for well over six months. I could find it no where except far off film festivals and this quaint little theater in West London. I'm just outside of DC so as much as I'd like to hop over the Atlantic Ocean and spend a night with Johnny Flynn, there are limitations.

My husband insisted we get something to eat before we went into the theater, something about working all day. I never eat if I'm really excited about something for two reasons, I'm generally not hungry and I like to be early so I just sat there while he slowly swallowed every bite. I mean he was right in that we had plenty of time and as we were some of the first people there, we clearly had plenty of time but I like to be early when I'm excited. I think I said that already.

I'd found out about the premiere at the E Street Cinema, just a few days ago and was able to get tickets for what was probably the tinniest theater I'd ever been in. While I thought it was the perfect setting for a film festival and the theater clearly had new seats, it had the feeling of an old bomb shelter. We had to go down a large flight of steps and down a know. I'm not complaining, I thought it was a nice theater, but that's just how it felt.

I was in love with Johnny Flynn before I got there, that was a given but I'm not the kind a fan who won't be able to see your faults through my love of you. I'm quite the opposite actually in that if I love you, my expectations are higher. So with that thinking, I hadn't expected much. I was able to keep an open mind but Johnny Flynn is such an incredible musician and songwriter, a poet really that I thought for sure he couldn't be really, really good at this as well, right?

Clearly I'm the asshole because not only was he excellent in this movie, this entire movie was excellent! I loved it and I'm just not one to jump to the optimistic side of things in a flash but this movie really was very good, and not just because of Johnny Flynn who plays Charlie, but in all honesty, he was ridiculously good and well suited for this role. The only other movie I'd ever seen him in was Crusade and that's a kids movie so it can't even be rated in the same way as this. In this movie he plays a guy who is spinning out of control and though all of his friends seem to care for him, all they can really do is watch. It's the Elvis Presley rule..."How can you save a man from himself?" Well, you can't.

This is a synopsis I found for Lotus Eaters from the Tribecca Film Festival:

The bright young things of London's social elite lead an excessive, lavish lifestyle that allows them to luxuriate in their own self-destruction. At the center is Alice, an ex-model unable to keep up with the opulent standards her peers feverishly chase. Alice may be in love with her on-and-off boyfriend Charlie, but the multiple pleasures of wealth and youth distract them from commitment. Meanwhile, Felix is besotted with Alice, even as he indecisively takes up with his naïve, needy girlfriend. Between wild summer nights in Glastonbury and the South of France, a lovelorn Orna gets her rocks off weaving overlapping love triangles that wreak havoc on impressionable hearts.

Alexandra McGuinness' elegant black-and-white directorial debut finds the pulse of something real in a hot mess of horses, pet monkeys, spiritual gurus, and vodka baths. Clad in chic, sparkly outfits and perplexing headpieces, a luminescent ensemble led by Antonia Campbell-Hughes with Benn Northover, Amber Anderson, Cynthia Fortune Ryan, Liam Browne, Gina Bramhill, Jay Choi, Alex Wyndham, Daisy Lewis, and Katrena Rochell flounce about to an evocative indie soundtrack featuring the anachronistic folk stylings of lead actor Johnny Flynn alongside performances from emerging bands.

--Roya Rastegar

When we'd first gotten to the screening, I talked to a lady to get more information. I've never really been to a film festival before so I was looking around for a movie poster and couldn't find one. Apparently because there is a different movie each night of the festival, they don't have posters. I still think they should but that's just me. BUT, she was kind and gave me some info which I photographed above and promised to send me some high res. photos that I still haven't gotten. Hopefully I will soon.

She also told me about the opening night party for the film festival which would be at a restaurant nearby. When she was first inviting me, I was only half listening because I thought there was no way my husband would be up for that after working all day and kind of being along for the ride on this one, but I mentioned it and he wasn't totally against it so I went back for more information and we decided to go.

The party was at the AGAINN Restaurant on New York Ave. I guess it's a British/American restaurant. We actually had bangers, which I think my husband usually loves. I had a little bit of food but just drank water but the food I did eat was really good and the bartender was friendly. I don't ask for more than that. I guess it was a bit of a Scotch bar as well. Some people have their own cabinet where their own special scotch is stored. Seemed kind of pretentious, but what do I know? I don't drink Scotch.

This is me at the restaurant as I looked around and gave my husband a few minutes to enjoy his beer.

Nice knockers!

Another really, really great thing about this movie has the actress who played Alice. She was there last night and shyly introduced the film. Her name is Antonia Campbell-Hughes and she is brilliant! I don't know much about her but don't kid yourself into thinking that I didn't come home and Google her! She's had a really busy year so there should be a lot of her to see soon. Good for her! She's hella talented! I was able to speak with her last night and she's very kind as well. Tiny little thing with some kick ass heels but very soft spoken, very British and skin that looks like it's never seen the sun. I don't mean that in a bad way, she's actually very pretty. I'm just saying that her skin is like spun silk. It reminded me of my two year old daughter. Beautiful skin.

Now I can't quote her on anything because my mind doesn't work that way and it's not like I was taking notes but we talked a bit about Johnny Flynn when she asked me how I'd heard of the film. I love being able to tell someone of another great thing I learned via Johnny Flynn. I also wanted her to know I'd be posting on my blog as well as the JohnnyFlynnNews on Twitter. "Oh yeah, Johnny's Twitter! I know that girl who runs it..." She clicked her fingers together, searching for the name she knew.

"Rebecca?" I said.

"Oh yeah, Rebecca! You know her?"

I smiled. "I do."

"Johnny's world is a tight one" she said.

What I said, "Of course." What I was screaming inside, "Hell yeah, we're kinda like folk soldiers!"

She told me how his part in the film hadn't originally been that large but because he was so good, they made his part bigger. She also mentioned how she thought he was going to focus more on acting for a while because of the burdens that come with being responsible for a full band and the fact that he is newly married and a has a brand new baby. Who wouldn't want to stay closer to home for that? While I totally understand this, it saddens me. He's so talented that I think he deserves to be more well known. I hate to think that after two amazing albums like that he would consider throwing in the towel. It just seems unfair. I can't help but question the people who are handling him. Hello? Facebook page! Jump into 2011 before 2012 kicks you in the ass!!! When someone offers to run it for free...TAKE THEM UP ON IT WHEN YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED IT SINCE AUGUST 19th!!!

Anyway, it was a great night and a great movie! Please go see it if you get the chance. The story is interesting, the clothes are fabulous and it's packed with lots of great actors! Worth every penny!

Check out her IMDB page HERE. Lots of stuff in the works!

We didn't stay at the party long as we had a babysitter with the kids and my husband had to work in the morning but I had a really good time. I got out of the house on a big girl date with my husband. we don't get to do that often. We saw a great movie I'd been scoping out for ages. I met some really nice people, including a great new actress I just discovered and I got to carry on my love of all things Johnny Flynn. I think I might love him even more knowing that THIS is his backup plan. Jesus, to be so talented!

If you don't know who Johnny Flynn is, there is just no excuse for that. Look him up. He's worth a listen:

Johnny Flynn Facebook

Johnny Flynn Official Twitter Account

The trailer:

.....and the it was back to Chinatown to get on the Metro.

There was a hockey game tonight. Beer hats!!

Apparently there is a bike honor system in Washington DC. An honor system in DC. That's fucking hysterical!