Friday, October 28, 2011

Trains Don't Stop Your Soul, They Break Your Heart.

My son loves trains. I mean he really loves trains. I've never seen a kid love trains like he does. He talks about them all day, loves when he gets to ride on one and sleeps with the Toys R Us BIG BOOK opened to the trains page. It's just ridiculous.

After my son got out of school today I took him and his sister to a nearby park. We go to this park every year and try to catch the fall leaves at their peak. We missed them this year by at least a week but it was still beautiful. The reds were already gone and those leaves are my favorite.

I take a lot of photos of my children and they've gotten really good at humoring me. For the most part they do what I ask and when they don't, I bribe them. Either way, I generally get the photos I want. Both of my kids were very good today and I promised Owen that when we were finished we would go to the playground. We had a party to get to later and I still hadn't made my yummy peach cobbler so we needed to motor to get it all done in time but when we finished, I loaded them back up and drove around to the playground. When we got there, the playground was roped off and it was closed. Owen was furious! I think I even heard a deep guttural growl when I told him it was closed. Truth is, I had a dilemma. There are two other playgrounds in this park and I could have taken the kids there but we'd had trouble at both before and I'd sworn to never return. Luckily I had some chocolate milk in the car and I knew where we were going for our party had train tracks we had to cross over so I quickly promised him that we'd wait and see a train on the way and avoided the bodily injury that would surely come should we go to those other playgrounds.

>With two kids in costumes and hot peach cobbler in my hand we headed to our Halloween party. We were listening to Johnny Flynn because it's my car and I listen to him all the time and all of us were singing along, per our usual. We got to the train tracks ans like I promised, we pulled over. We waited and we waited. Thankfully I'd left early so we weren't late yet but if we waited much longer we would be. The party started at 4:30 and it was rapidly approaching. I can think of few things tackier than being late and I absolutely hate being late! It stresses me out, but we waited.

After about fifteen minutes I turned to Owen and said "Buddy we might have to go to our party and come back another time to see a train." He was not pleased and I promised, so we waited.

Finally I turned to two fidgety children and said "Owen, we need to go. We will listen to this next Johnny Flynn song and if the train hasn't come, we're going." With an "OK" that sounded more like it came from the mouth of a zit faced 15 year old than my little 4 year old angel, I took out my Droid and started recording as this song started. I thought Johnny Flynn's Trains was perfect and I had zero hope that a train would actually come so we might as well listen to some good tunes while we waited in vain.

As the song neared the end and I knew we needed to go, the rail lights started flashing and my son screamed "Here comes a train Momma!" I actually jumped when he screamed. That's why you see my fingers for a second.

I'm not sure what it is about trains but I always found them a little depressing. Not so much trains like this but the big freight trains which my son loves more than anything. I always picture hungry people sleeping in those dirty cars on their way to nowhere. I might watch too many movies. Anyhoo, here's the video I shot for my son. He hasn't seen it yet but he'll be tickled pink when he watches it during breakfast!

He's a train for Halloween for God sakes!

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