Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Saw Laura Marling Last Night.....Thanks to Johnny Flynn!

I love beautiful voices. It really shouldn't be so much to ask for when you buy a CD. A beautiful voice with something to say, but how often do you get that, really?

Chris and I went into DC last night to see Laura Marling at the Sixth and I Synagogue. We had to stand out in the rain for a half hour after we grabbed something to seat at a kick ass Irish place across the street called Fado. I don't even remember what we ate but it was excellent!

This chick with the boots was in line in front of us. We all got wet.

I took my good camera and as it's a synagogue, they searched our bags on the way in and the security guard told me "No pictures!" I walked inside thinking to myself. "Ummm, yeah, OK." Turns out everyone and their mother had a camera of some sort so I needn't have worried.

The inside was pretty cool and the ceiling was amazing! I could have done without the coral paint on the walls, but that's just me. I don't do coral. The wetness of my clothes mixed well with the coolness I felt under this beautiful dome.

That's sarcasm in case you missed it.

They had inscriptions on the back walls, "Remember Ye the Law of Moses" and "Faith in God is Happiness." It was just a different kind of concert experience.

The sound was excellent! I noticed they had microphones set up all over and I wondered if perhaps the acoustics were really good in there, more so than usual. They seemed to be. It would be cool if they recorded it for something. Although I can tell you that it was dark as hell. Sometimes I felt like we were outside. I had a hard time with my camera. I couldn't even see to change the settings so I just stopped trying.

I've never even been in a synagogue and was pretty sure I would never have any reason to do so. Hell, I purposely haven't been to "our church" since River was baptised and I have zero plans to return but that's a whole different post. I still don't understand why a synagogue would want to have concerts on what is basically their alter. I mean maybe that's what they call it, I have no idea. I'm just saying that I can't imagine the church I was married in having a girl standing on the alter questioning the inscribed "Sanctus, Santus, Sanctus" on the alter between songs and sips of the beer she keeps at her feet. It's just weird to walk into someones house of God and see a cash bar. That's all I'm sayin'.

But, all that aside, the concert was pretty fucking awesome! I wasn't a fan of the opening act but the crowd seemed to like her. Not really my thing. I really like what's coming out of London right now, which kind of shocks me a bit. Being from Nashville, I have kind of a love/hate relationship with the banjo. When I think "banjo," I hear "A pickin' and a grinnin'!" I also hear someone squealing like a pig in the back of my mind. Needless to say, this is just a different use of the banjo then I grew up with. Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling, they're all working magic with a banjo. Did not see that coming. I mean while they're all definitely folksy, they're a different kind of folksy. They don't conjure up Peter Paul & Mary for me, but the opening act did. I think that was my ish'. Not that I don't like Peter Paul & Mary, I do, I dig rock n' roll music.

That was a Peter Paul & Mary reference. Google it.

She started out with my favorite song and I'll post the official video for that below because it's a really, really good song. However, I did take this quick video of "Alas I Can Not Swim"

Her voice is amazing and she doesn't even seem to have to try that hard. I just think she's hella talented. I just kept repeating to myself, "How is this girl only 21?" Cute as a button but I always got the vibe from her that she does what she does without explanation. That's always refreshing. She told lots of great stories, my favorite being the one about the homeless women in DC last night that she came across at 2 AM while out alone looking for bottled water. Walking in DC at 2 AM. Yeah, she's from out of town. She asked the homeless woman what she was doing out so late. Umm, she's homeless. The lady told her "Saving white people." Good story.

The last time I'd seen her, her hair was short so I was a little surprised by all that hair. One thing I did notice about her was that she had the tightest jeans on that I'd ever seen. They were so tight that until she lifted her arms between songs and her shirt came up, I thought they were leggings. I'm not complaining. I mean she looked really good. Those jeans were on her like paint but she worked it out. What? I can't say she looked good in her jeans? I'm straight, not blind! Jeez.....

This is the set list from last night:

Rambling Man
Alpha Shallows
Alas I Cannot Swim
I Was Just A Card
The Muse
Hope in the Air
Don't Ask Me Why/Salinas
Goodbye England (Covered in Snow) *solo*
New Untitled Song *solo*
Night After Night *solo*
Neil Young cover *solo*
I Speak Because I Can
All My Rage

I was kind of bummed she didn't do The Water, although I wasn't shocked. While she sang on it, it is a Johnny Flynn song so I didn't really expect her to but I would have loved it. It would have been awesome to hear her do it alone.

There was a write up in the Post

I must say, I find complete solace that I've discovered much beautiful music via Johnny Flynn. Everyone I've discovered lately has played with him at one time or another. Some have even recorded songs with him. All roads lead to Johnny Flynn........I love it!

On a total sidenote, a big thanks to my husband for taking one for the team. He'd been up since 5 AM and I know he would have rather been sleeping.

Rambling Man:


  1. I did a double take when I first read this concert was in a synagogue. What the? I agree, definitely wouldn't be my first pick as a venue but maybe that's just me being close minded. *shrug* Glad you enjoyed yourself. Found you from the spicy weekend blog hop btw.

  2. paulusthewoodgnomeOctober 20, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    Nice post. You probably know this already but the concert was indeed recorded for NPR.

    Salutations from London, England.