Monday, September 12, 2011

A Bun for my Ballerina

River's first day of ballet is tomorrow. I'm excited because I really think she is going to love it. I know she loves the clothes! Anytime she's in a tutu (which between you and me is often) she runs around the house yelling "Look at me! Look at me!" I think she might actually think she's a princess. I guess that's fine since she's only 2. If she does it at 22, my reaction will be different.

I signed River up for ballet because I was looking for something for her to do while Owen was at school. I'm still looking for more for her to do but for now this is it. It's a Mommy & Me class. It's actually the same class I took with Owen just after River was born. I would take him to class and he'd run around with his friends and not do anything he was asked while hanging from the bars he was specifically asked not to hang from while River sat in her bucket and coo'd. I can't wait to see how she acts in class, if she does what she's told. I mean she's only 2 so she has some wiggle room but I hope she listens because the class can be fun if you participate.

She's got the leotards (I even got her a purple one ~ I hate purple) and the tutus. She's got the tights and the ballet slippers. My only concern for River taking ballet is the friggen bun. I've been practicing the ballerina bun and I have to say, it isn't easy. I've never been a braider and River has my thin, fine hair so doing anything fancy with it is almost a joke. That being said, a bun doesn't really look all that difficult. Trust me, it isn't as easy as it should be.

That being said, is anyone not busy at 9:00 tomorrow morning because clearly I'm screwed. This looks more like an atom splitting than a ballerina bun. I'm so ashamed! Maybe I need to wrap something cool around the "bun" to hide it's poor quality.

Oh well, thank God she's beautiful! Maybe no one will notice?

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  1. My mom would put mine in a a ponytail, band it, then braid it and put another band at the bottom, then wrap it around like tying it in a knot and bobby pin the ends underneath. I think you can use bobby pins to pretty much shape it the way you want it. I normally had about 15 or 20 in mine to keep it in place.