Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

Do you have any idea how hard it is to stare directly into the sun?

Today is the last day of my 31 Days of Self Portraits, or "It's All About me ~ Part Deux." I can not tell you how happy I am to see it come to an end. Just like last year, I'm glad I did it but giving myself that much thought this month was a tall order. Hideous storms, earthquakes and a friggen hurricane filled my month more so than I would have liked. As it is, my son still hasn't returned to school because the hurricane knocked the power out and his school is one of 15 or so that are still without power. No complaints though. We'll just find something fun to do. It's not like we live in Haiti where that storm would have caused a school to collapse. I just wonder what this will mean at the end of the year? Do they add those days on? I guess we'll find out.

Because Owen was out of school I told him we'd do something fun today. He immediately said "Train museum?" I have no idea how this kid can still love the train museum as much as we've been this summer. I can't even express how over that place I am. I mean it's great but 15 times in one summer? Nothing is that great. But every time we go, he acts like it's the first time. He runs in and cranks that stupid penny squishing machine like it is his life's vocation. I don't get it but then again, why would I? I'm not 4.

Luckily, today we had some friends come with us. That made it more bearable for me.

I tried to fill their day with fun and we even played in the yard when we got back. That's one of their favorite things to do these days. Of course I tried to keep everything as tame as possible because today was the last days sans health insurance. I had visions of River falling off of the horse on the round a bout and cracking all of her teeth out. I actually found myself questioning if that was the kind of injury that could wait until midnight. No health insurance for 30 days with two kids is daunting. It must suck to have a whole family who can't afford it. I can't even imagine.

We took photos in the backyard and Owen took a few of me. I like that he enjoys playing with my cameras. Well, let me rephrase that. I like that my son is interested in taking photos. Saying that I like him playing with my cameras is a stretch.

Here are a few others we took today:

This is my son standing over our monster mushroom:

Seriously, does this thing not look like it could guide plans home?

In my photos, I spend a lot of time looking into the sun. I think the moment a pupil dilates, but you can still keep your eyes open to catch the sun is a beautiful thing. I try to trick my kids into doing it and when it works, it's stunning. I did some of it today on myself and I liked the results. Although when I took these photos the sun was really bright and it felt like it was burning my eyes. It bothered me so that I actually got a photo of myself with my hand over my eyes. I like to position my face, hold my hand over my eyes to make sure it's unprepared for the sun and then move my hand as I click so I get it at the second my pupils dilate. The sun was rough today so I missed my own cue. That's why I have my hands over my eyes. My trick works though. You should try it if you ever feel like tempting fate with the whole "burn off your retinas" thing.

The answer to the question, "Do you have any idea how hard it is to stare directly into the sun?" is yes, it's difficult but not as difficult as it is to go 30 days without health insurance for my family, live through terrible storms, the earth moving under our feet and a hurricane that while it didn't seem as bad as I would have thought, has kept my kid out of school all week. You gotta keep it in perspective.

This is me today, hoping I still have vision tomorrow. Good times. Yay me!

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