Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

In an endless effort to both gut my house of useless shit and organize the shit I can't part with, I bought an organizations thingie today from Target. I went to Ikea first because I have some friends who have a shelf unit I like but it wouldn't fit in the place I need it to go in. I had seen something similar at Target so I took the kids and we scoped it out. It fits perfectly. Now I just have to go spend my life savings on baskets/storage containers for it. On the way out of the worst Walmart on the planet, checking for containers, I let the kids ride this odd jet ski ride.

We dropped some things off at a friends house and then came home to pour bleach over our bodies after the trip to the armpit of all Walmarts. Our friend has a light rail near her so there are train tracks we have to cross over to get to her house. Owen loves this but we've never seen a train there, until today. Usually we cross over the tracks and that's enough for him, always looking for a train. We actually saw one and then looped back around, waited on the side of the road and saw another, which I recorded with my Droid.

At home we played in the yard for a while. My husband turned their playhouse on it's side for the hurricane and it got water inside so I couldn't not lift it for them. I tried and Owen refused to listen when I told him to stay put of the house that's filled with nasty rain water. As you can see, he didn't listen.

The I let the kids run around the yard in their underpants and PJs. What the hell?!

Anyhoo, this is me today hanging out in the yard with my babies, diggin' my trees.

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