Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

Storms and earthquakes and hurricanes, oh my! I'm over this shitty weather. I can handle it here and there but less than two weeks and all this shit has happened? I just got TV back tonight from the first of Mother Nature's evil deeds. We get a new microwave tomorrow as well. I am crossing my fingers that the new satellite dish holds up through this hurricane that looks to hit sometime very early on Sunday. I hope that isn't true but the whole area is in the shit zone...not cool. I've still got half a tree broken up in my side yard. That will make for nice projectiles in those 80-100 mph winds. Here's hoping that bitch turns and goes out to sea. I'm not in the mood to be heroic again. Did I not just grab my children and run screaming from the house? Isn't that enough??

Anyhoo, we had appointments for most of the day today. We went to turn in the paperwork to register River for ballet classes. I think she's more excited than I am. She keeps walking around saying, "I'm a princess! I'm a princess!" Ugggghhh, whatever makes her happy. I really think she'll like the class. I know she likes the gear.

After that we had an appointment to get the kids photos taken. We do it every three months by the same guy. He also did the playgroup photos last week but those are total shit so I went back and had their photos taken alone. Such a great idea! We got one of the best photos of Owen ever taken. I love when you can see sweetness in a photo.

Somebody is raging......

After photos, which were pretty uneventful, we had to rush home and wait for Direct TV, again. This time, they showed up! It took them a while but at least they came. Of course as soon as he walked through the house and onto the deck, it started pouring rain. Figures. I was afraid he's tell me he had to leave because they can't get on the roof in the rain. I would have expected that but I've been watching the same 5 episodes of Kipper and Super Why so if I had to get up there my fucking self and adjust that thing, I was prepared to do that.

Thankfully he sat in the van til the rain slowed and then hung out under the overhang when it drizzled again but he got it done. I heard birds sing when I checked all of the TVs to make sure they worked. It was kismet too because Remember Me was coming on as the guy pulled out of my driveway. River was down for her nap and Owen said, "Momma, can I watch Kipper."

How do you tell your son that you would rather melon ball your eyes out than watch that whinny fucking dog for one more second? I just flat out refused and told him that I needed some adult time with the TV. I needed adult voices. I had no plans to watch the end of the Remember Me as it always leaves me unsettled but I watched enough. Bow chika, bow bow.....Robert Pattinson is a piece of ass and I don't care who knows it. But I digress...

I also made some decisions today regarding friendships. I'm ending a few. It's time. I love my friends but I'm leaving "acquaintances" by the curb. I've never been one to be surrounded by girlfriends and now I know why. Uggghh, sometimes I think I should have been born with a penis. Bitches is crazy.

On a side note, if you want to make a comment to me about how I don't do anything for anyone else....FUCK YOU! I don't do anything for you because I don't like you. I do plenty for people whose company I enjoy.

This is me today, checking on my new dish in the rain. Looking forward to the end of this self reflection and wishing others would give it a try.

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