Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux ~ EARTHQUAKE or Johnny Flynn?

Well played Mother Nature, well played.

I had a relatively quiet day planned for the kids and I. I had a meeting first thing this morning with Owen's new teacher. It was successful in that I got Owen's class time changed. I was worried about that in that I didn't want him going to school in the middle of the day. It just seemed stupid. Both kids (and me) would miss everything. We wouldn't be able to meet friends fora playdate after school because after school would be 4:00. So, it's good to check that off of my list. Now, I just need to sign River up for some thing to do while he's at school this year. IE, ballet, swim lessons, juggling.....

After that, we made a small stop at the mall and then came home to get lunch and wait for the Direct TV guy who is supposed to be here between 12-4. It's 2:41 and still we wait.

I gave the kids lunch and let them play together for a while, while I did some cleaning. They play together so well that I try to let them do it as often as possible. I played music on my iPod speakers while they played and we danced around the kitchen. The sounds of their giggles clearly audible over the music. All hail the power of Johnny Flynn!

I put River down for her nap, turned the music down and continued cleaning. I was standing in the kitchen going through papers when I felt the floor shake. I looked at my iPod wondering if I hadn't turned the music down enough. I was listening to 'Kentucky Pill' and there are good drums in that song so I thought I just had the music up too loud during naptime. I realized the music and the shaking weren't in sync so I walked the three steps to the window expecting to see a large truck coming down the street. I didn't see one and I looked back at my china cabinet as the shaking got worse. When stuff started falling I quickly realized that it was an earthquake. I don't know the protocol for an earthquake. Do I get under the stairs (stupid), run to a doorway, put my head between my knees, grab my ankles and pray? I didn't have time to Google it so I did what I think most parents would do, I grabbed my kids and ran! By the time I got to River, she was already screaming. She was trying to get out of her bed that was moving across the room. Her floor is carpeted so that's really no small feet. I grabbed her and dragged Owen behind me and ran outside as hit kept falling around me. There were papers under my feet as I threw the front door opened and ran down the stairs with two crying babies. I think Owen was more freaked out by my behavior than the house that was moving under his feet. I think he thought that part was cool.

I'll be honest, I was scared shitless. There were many other neighbors out in the street so I didn't feel like an idiot for running from my house screaming. I decided to stay outside for a while. The stuff that fell all over the place freaked me out a little bit and I could feel my blood pressure in my eyeballs. Luckily, I had my Droid in my pocket so I did what I'm sure most people did, I took photos of us in the yard. Make the most of it, right? I heard Owen telling River that the house was broken.

This is Owen telling River that the house is broken:

We took some photos and went back inside about 15 minutes later. Johnny Flynn was still playing and I got a giggle out of remembering how fast I tore through the house to the lyrics of that song.

"I'm running from my old playmates

I'm running through the town

I'm running with a gun

That’s gonna shoot my playmates down"

I'm pleased with myself that I can see the humor in that.

I attempted to get River to go back down for her nap and it took some doing. I think she's afraid of her bed. The look on her face when I originally threw the door open was one of complete terror so it really isn't that surprising. I'm just glad that Owen wasn't at school today because I would have been up there ASAP getting his ass out of school. Yes, I would have been that parent. I would just feel better to see him. I'm not the kind of mom that trusts that things are being done to protect him. It's sad that I think that since he's had such great teachers but the search for his school this year will stick with me for a while. It taught me that not everyone has his best interests at heart.

Once I got River back into her bed for her nap and finally got Owen to stop running around yelling "the house is broken!" I was able to survey the damage and besides the Juan Dixon bobble head, nothing was broken. Papers that I had poorly stacked on the table as I cleaned and a cupcake holder that shakes when Owen runs across the kitchen floor fell, but that's nothing.

I did notice that a board popped off of the fence. It's the one that sits against he house so it probably pushed it into the house and it just snapped off. No harm, no foul. It just needs to be put back on.

The earthquake was 5.9 and started just outside of Richmond. I know it was felt in Arlington VA as well as NYC. Because our TV is still out, I can't get too much more info than that. I know that what happened here was trivial and I hope that's the case in other places. It scared the shit out of us, but that was about it. I mean Juan Dixon was a casualty but I can live with that. Although it's now 4:03 and Direct TV has yet to show up....bastards!

Anyhoo, this is me today, afraid to go back into my house and making the most of it. Here's to small aftershocks. Does anyone have a Valium?

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