Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

I was put on this earth for many things. Smart ass comebacks, driving 5 miles to save two dollars, terse responses, great photos of my kids and blunt honesty. That's the kind of shit I bring to the table. I however was not put on this earth for manual labor and sweating when there is no fun involved.

I got up this morning and drove the kids back to the mall because today is the last day of tax free shopping. I thought I was done yesterday but I came home and had a dream about this kick ass jacket I should have bought for Owen yesterday. I love this damn thing! You can't tell in this photo but it's got little skull & crossbones on the buttons!
We stopped by Target as well in search of a couple of cheap black t-shirts. You'd think I was on the look out for a dress made of snot. Can I seriously be the only person who would like their kid to have a black t-shirt? I searched the whole damn mall and then Target as well and came up with nothing. If you know where I can find some, let me know.

After that and enough cheap popcorn to make my kids agreeable, we came home and put River down for a nap and went outside and got down to business on this tree that fell across our fence yesterday.

This is what it looked like before we started:

We had concerns that the tree had it's weight on our brand new fence and was either already cracking it or would crack it as we started cutting it away and it fell under it's own weight onto the fence.

We removed limb by limb and piece by piece so that when it came time to remove the big limb or it snapped, it wouldn't take the new fence with it. I think in the end we did it perfectly because the fence doesn't show a mark. We're lucky, our neighbors lost 2 big trees, one took out their kids new trampoline, the neighbors on the other side had a tree land in their truck and apparently one big tree fell down the street across 2 or 3 yards, landing in someones pool.

One funny part of the storm, River was in the sunroom finishing her dinner and the wind was really blowing. At one point there was a loud noise outside and River ran screaming back towards the kitchen where the rest of us were. She stopped, turned around (still screaming) and ran back to the couch to get her plate, then turned around (still screaming) and ran back towards the kitchen. Priceless. Nothing makes my baby miss a meal!

So, this is me today, sweating my ass off with my husband as my daughter sleeps and my son runs through the yard doing everything I tell him not to do. I LOVE trees, but not when I'm removing them (by hand) from my yard...without gloves....on a hot day.....

Not cool.

Manual labor much?

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