Friday, August 19, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

Tax free back to school shopping. That's how we spent our day. Besides a pretzel and a water I didn't buy one thing for River but I got Owen some groovy new clothes for school and even a new pair of shoes.

I never knew it was possible for a 4 year old to wear a size two but that's what I bought him. When I realized that's what he needed this year, I just sat on the floor at Kohl's and shook my head. He has monster feet and I assume always will. The width is awe worthy and I'm just glad he can comfortably wear Chuck Taylors because I'd be sad if he couldn't. He has trouble with Vans, which I found out the hard way. Not too hard as I got them from a consignment shop but he wore them once and now points at them like they're filled with poison. No biggie, Chuck Taylors it is!

I bought him these underwear:

Seriously, if they had these in my size, I'd be sportin' these bitches right now! How cool are those underwear? I LOVE things for little kids that aren't babyish. It's harder to find than you might think but when I come across it, I almost always buy it. You should see me constantly on the hunt for a black dress for my two year old. It's never ending. As it is, I put her in a pink dress with her black Chucks and people look at me like I've lost my mind. Just because she's a chick doesn't mean she has to dress like a garden vomited on her. It is my goal to never allow white sandals if I can help it. I'm just not that kind of mom.

I also got some cool shirts at Crazy 8, which is where I got the underwear. This one is my favorite:

I also stopped by H&M and got him a new shirt and the coolest pair of pants that snap up and become shorts. He is going to be the coolest kid in his class....again.

Back to school shopping complete, although he'll need a light jacket. I saw one I liked today but it was $30. It felt like a lot.

Oh yeah, I take that back about not buying River anything today. I got her some Odor Eaters at Target. They're adult size because apparently they don't make them for 2 year olds as judged by the response I got at the pharmacy when I asked. All I know is that when I take her Chucks off, her feet smell like pickled death! Her shoes smell up her room. Actually I can smell them from here and I'm in the sunroom. If you know me you know that is the opposite end of the house. So, I've got to get to cuttin' her up a tiny pair to sneak into her shoes tonight like I'm some kind of cobbling Elf.

On a side note, it took everything I had not to rip off River's shoe and shove it into the face of that snooty bitch at the pharmacy. I didn't. Apparently I continue to grow as a person. Really the fact that I didn't even once think of shoving them up her ass shows my growth.

Anyhoo, this is me today flanked by my babies after back to school shopping. I hadn't realized we were wearing the same shoes until someone pointed it out to me at the mall. Good times.

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