Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

We started early this morning. River was kicking her door at 7 and we had somewhere to be at 9. I had every intention of getting us there on time but I needed a shower and River was being whiny. So, we arrived at 9:45.

We had playgroup at Stephanie's new house this morning. It was nice to see everyone as this Wednesday playgroup has become something that's impossible to get to regularly. With Owen starting school 5 days a week soon, I'm sure it's only going to get worse. I missed the part about them playing in the water so I didn't bring a swimsuits for them. Thankfully Laura let Owen borrow a pair of shorts and I let River run around in her diaper. Nothing says "trailer" like a kid running around in a soaked diaper.

I love to see a kids legs fly over their head on a slip n slide. That means they're having fun:

Owen had a great time and kept running down in the field behind her house. I have no idea of the fascination but he did it over and over:

It felt like the whole time we were there all I did was yell at River. She really, really loved the slip n slide so every time she slid down, she tried to hork her way in line and go again and every time I yelled at her to get in the back of the line. Finally we just had to leave because she was being annoying but here's a picture of Lisa moving her to the back of the line for the 50th time. It was embarrassing.

After we left we made a couple of quick stops and then came ran to the market to pick something up for dinner. I promised the kids if they were good that I'd get them a cookie from the case when we got over to the bakery. As usual, they were good but River doesn't understand that you have to pay for things first. She did what she does whatever I promise them a cookie and Giant and that is that she screams at the case as I walk towards the registers and bitches that she can't eat it before I pay for it. Over her screams I manage to pay and we start heading out. We pass customer service as River continues her incessant whaling when the woman behind the counter looks at River and says, "Ohh, are you tired?" River looks right at her and as loud as she can screams "Nooooooo!" You would have thought the devil came out of her with that nonsense. The lady just laughed and it was so evil that I had to laugh too. Whatever, she got a cookie in the car.

Sometimes I think my kids just like to bitch. I think they get that from their father. :)

After I put her evil cookie eatin' ass to bed, Owen and I went in the back yard to take some photos. I took the one above for today and I actually let Owen touch my camera. I don't do this often but it wasn't my better camera so I felt at peace with it. It was on a tripod so it's not like he was running around with it. I took this photo of him, which I thought was sweet.

I like this one because he looks crazy:

I like this one because he clicked the button for the timer and ran around to get in the photo with me:

Anyhoo, this is me today, thankful that I've only got 14 more days of this. Holy shit, 14 more days?


  1. SO glad you guys came over. We had a great time and I'm glad you got to see the house. Always a fun time when the Smiths come over:-).

  2. You'll make it! Sweet to have some time..just with Owen.