Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

I painted my bathroom today. It was about time as I think we bought these gallons of paint well over 6 months ago. They've been sitting in my sunroom, mocking me this whole time and I decided over the weekend that I would do it while Chris was gone to work and it was just the kids and I. It's just easier that way. painting with Chris is a nightmare. He spends the whole time trying to finesse the paint and commenting on how "we'll have to paint it all white again anyway if we sell" while I do all the work. I know he'll say that isn't true but he can say that on his blog. This ones mine.

I forget the name of the colour but I remember it involving the would serenity. It's kind of a sage but maybe a little darker. It's the first non white wall in our house. Chris is a white wall kinda guy and I"m just not. I've wanted to paint these walls since day one. We have two kids with sticky, dirty fingers so I look forward to a day when our hallway doesn't look like a dirty dry erase board.

We didn't leave the house today. I got up as soon as Chris left for work and started prepping. I didn't shower or wash my hair and I'm almost certain I have paint in my hair. The paint on my nose is the colour I used. It looks darker behind me. What sucks is that (and this is totally me) I couldn't find the painters tape until half way through so half of the ceiling looks like shit. I'm gonna have to do some work on the ceiling Michelangelo style. Also, whoever finished the basement of our house is an asshat. There are places in there that I had to paint with my old art paintbrushes from college. Ever heard of code, jackass??

This is me today, looking kinda Oompa Loompaish and dirty in my bathroom. The lighting was terrible and I didn't have the energy to change it. Give me a break! I'd been painting for 5 hours!

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