Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux (I'm 41, Bitches!)

..and so I find myself at the close of another "National Michelle Day." It was a good one but as in everyday that is a celebration of me, it wasn't long enough. Technically it was a "National Michelle Weekend." I went to dinner and a movie with friends on Friday. My husband took me to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center last night after apps at Brian Boru and then we rounded out the trifecta by ditching the kids with a friend while we went to Sakura.

At Brian Boru I had a kickass Appltini. It was really good and hella strong but there are no fillers in those things. This one seemed stronger than usual as I think I saw God when I took my first sip. These are the kinds of drink where you know you'll wake up in the morning with hair growing from your teeth in a mad rush to find your underwear. Needless to say, I only had one.

My husband and I have seen Wicked three times now. We first saw it at The Gershwin in NYC before we were married and then again on our honeymoon in London. I like to tell people we've seen it on two continents. A little dramatic, but true enough. I'm a big fan so when we heard it was coming again to DC, I jumped at the chance. Chris likes it as well but after seeing it twice, he was kinda doing it for me.

I've loved all three performances but this was my least favorite of the three. The first one at the Gershwin was stellar! Everything about it was perfect in that it was just powerful and up to that point was the best performance I'd ever seen. I thought it was so good that I cried as Elphaba sang "Defying Gravity" and I thought that was the end, when it was only the intermission. Then we saw it again in London on what turned out to be media night. We somehow ended up in the 2nd row with the most exuberant crowd I'd ever seen and Indina Menzel playing Elphaba. It was so good that it was sick. Those two performances would be impossible to stop and the one last night didn't. It wasn't as powerful and I wondered if they were a bit tired. I know that Glinda was the understudy and I was bummed by that as I thought her voice was a little weak, but I thought the same thing about Elphaba. I wasn't even bothered that at the beginning of the show when Glinda makes her entrance, the bubble she was begin lowered to the stage on broke and they had to stop the show. Shit like that happens but I expected more power from both of them and I don't care who you are or what you do, no one will ever play Elphaba like Indina Menzel.

In the final instalment of my birthday fun, we went to Sakura. I'm weird about my birthday. I have a thing about doing something on my actual birthday. My husband could but me a brand new car with the trunk filled with gold bullion but if he gives it to me on the 13th instead of my actual birthday, I'd be pissed. It's like if a free falls in the forest.....If we celebrate my birthday NOT on my birthday...did it really happen? Crazy I know, but that's how I am.

So, in keeping with my "do it on my birthday" stance, we rounded the weekend off at Sukura, sans kids. We've been there with the kids before but River hides under the table. She wants nothing to do with the flying knives and the onion choo choo train. She shoots deathrays at the cooks and practically screams in they so much as look at her. She isn't a fan so we're trying to wait a few years before we try again.

We dropped when off with our friend Angie and her family. Since Angie is a mom of three I asked her to take a took at some mosquito bites on River's legs that she's been scratching at. I just wanted to make sure they weren't infected. Good thing Iasked, turns out those aren't mosquitto bites, they're posion ivy! For the love of all things holy, how hard is it to be a Smith and make it through 30 days with no insurance? The asnwer to that question is, "Pretty fucking impossible." Strep throat, thrush and now poison ivy. If you saw what happened to me the last time I had poison ivy you would run in fear. I ended up with one eye sealed shut and the other one barely a slit when I got a steroid pack that slowly made it go away. That was fucking horrific. What poison ivy does to me is not fun. Now I've got to keep it off of all our faces? I can handle it on my body as annoying as that is but once it's on my face, I AM FUCKED!

Regardless of what ailments lurk, I had a good birthday. I got up this morning and went to Starbucks for 4 hours. Just me and my laptop...and of course Johnny Flynn. I can't remember the last time I had a good day without Johnny Flynn. He's the peacemaker.

Anyhoo, this is me today, in a field by a school that my son once attended. You should have seen the people walking their dogs and the kids riding their bikes. They must have thought I was crazy. So funny!

I had a good birthday. Nothing excites me more than a celebration of me.


  1. Wow, now that's a birthday!

  2. You may be 41 in people years but your steely focused stare says you're immortal and on the prowl. - Bulsara