Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

Damn this was a long day! It started out nice and then I lost our home phone and Internet after the storm. It wasn't a big storm so I was shocked that we'd lost both. We've been here almost 5 years and have never really lost either. I had a sneaking suspicion those fucking whining Verizon strikers were behind it.

Clearly that's irrational but I am so annoyed by those fuckers that they creep into my mind daily. My husband worked there for 15 years (non union) and just left last month. I hated Verizon and their shitty customer service way before I met my husband and toned down my hatred when I married him. He'll laugh at that but it's true. I didn't loudly hate them for those years but the time has come for my hatred to be screamed from the mountain tops. I mean if you as a company make me wish I still had Comcast, that's some evil shit right there.

Aside from my deep seeded hate of all things Verizon, I also hate the Verizon workers who are striking. While I get that insurance isn't the only thing you're striking for, get over yourself. Most people who work in this country pay for insurance. The economy is shit which I'm sure you sit home and blame other people for and I understand fighting for what's right, trust me. But are you seriously bitching about shit like having to pay for your own insurance in this economy? I didn't have insurance for the majority of my 20s. How I survived I will never know so be lucky you have insurance at all! Hell, be lucky you have a job period. If I owned Verizon I'd pull a Ronald Reagan and fire your asses. See if you fare better on Cobra.

Anyhoo, I didn't have Internet for the better part of the day. Me without Internet is not pretty and I thought the sky was falling 20 minutes in. I envisioned no Internet until the strike was over and I was looking into who I could sell my soul to. Hopefully it didn't come to that. If I had to rely on Verizon to come out and fix it I probably would have looked into Comcast which is kinda like selling my soul.

This is me today, blowing kisses.

It's quickly becoming my birthday so I'll finishe dmy post on The Help tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to me!

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