Friday, August 12, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

This morning started early. Owen woke me up by tapping on my face. Short of swinging my arm violently, I'm not sure how I'll ever make him understand how much I hate that. I even yelled at him a little bit. "Tap on my ass, DO NOT tap on my face!" He just doesn't get it. Besides being woken up with a pillow over my face, it's the worst way to wake up for me. I hate hands on my face. Someday he'll get it and I hope it doesn't take being pancaked against the bedroom wall before that happens.

We had our yearly photoshoot for our playgroup. In the group are 10 moms and 17 children. One mom couldn't come because her twin boys were teething. Totally understand missing that. My kids barley acknowledged they had teeth coming in but I know some kids go through hell getting new teeth. I can't imagine multiplying that by two. Anyhoo, we were down one mom and three kids. Still, 9 moms and 14 kids is a lot of sucked up oxygen for one rather small photo studio. We've been doing this for years and I've been one of the most vocal advocates, even willing to take my kid out of school at one point because I think they're important but I think I'm done with these photos in a studio like this. We've just outgrown it. I love our photographer. We takes photos of my kids every 3 months or so but it's just become to much. It just isn't worth trying to do that again. It's too stressful and I think the kids get the brunt of that.

Next year the big kids will start turning 5 and we've talked about hiring a photographer and going to a local park with a tree lined lake that is amazingly beautiful during mid/late October to early November. I took these photo last year from October 18th-23rd and the leaves were perfect. They were stunning really.

I imagine our babies in matching red shirts with this as our back drop. If we have a photographer who is worth a dame I can see them turning out great. It's easy to go wrong though with a wishy washy photographer who can't run a shoot so we've got to choose carefully. You have to be more than just a photographer or organize 10 mommas and 18 babies.

After the photos, we went to the park. I wanted to let the kids play for a while since that hour long mess. They'd done well for me so I let them play around a bit and we even got our feet in the water. Well, Owen and I did. River stood at the top of the boat ramp like jaws was waiting for her at the bottom, yet she'll run and jump off the couch without looking down. She's a beautiful but odd bird.

This is me on a beautiful day with my beautiful babies. A year ago Owen wouldn't get near the water and here he is now sinking his feet in the sand with me. We have a deal when we go to this park. They get to play on the playground but they also have to walk down to the water with me after. It's a good deal.

Side note ~ I went to see The Help tonight with some girlfriends for my birthday and it was moving to say the least. I haven't read the book and won't. While I found it to be a good film, it was upsetting in a bad way for me. It's after midnight so I'll explain more tomorrow.

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