Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

Ahhhhhh, I got my hair did....finally. I hadn't done anything to it since April when I was in Nashville and my friend gave me what was the absolute best cut and colour I'd ever gotten. It was tough to go back to Hair Cuttery after that, let me tell you but since I'd been there before and had the same girl I was going to see, I felt OK with it. Not great, just OK.

The day my friend cut my hair in Nashville I gave her my camera and she took photos from all angels so I'd have them to show the girl when I got my hair cut again. I also had Sam (Nashville friend) write down the info on the colour so I could hand it over, which I did.

The colour was prefect as it looked just like the last time, thanks to Sam! However I'd have to say that she butchered my hair just a little and once she was finished I had to go back through the photos and walk her through how to fix it. I was nice about it but when she was done (or when she thought she was done) I looked like I had one hair cut in the front and another in the back. I looked like I had a tumor on the back of my head and I can't imagine she thought that looked good. In the end I really like my hair, although it isn't exactly what I asked for. I'm cool with it. At least my gray isn't hummin' like a faulty furnace. It was like a beacon of light before I walked in there this morning.

I think I might keep this colour till they close the box on me. I'm diggin' it. There's something rockstarish about it.

This is my today, lovin myself.

A couple of outtakes:

I liked these photos so much that we might go out again tomorrow if the sun is out. The park sounds like a good idea. Now watch it fucking rain.

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