Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

In my endless attempt to gut my home of useless crap, I came across my crendolin under the stairs. I wore it under my wedding dress and while it was necessary for the dress, I don't think I realized before how Gone with the Wind it was. It made me feel the need to rip down my curtains and get crackin' on a dress. I didn't do that but I did play in the yard with it. Yeah, I'm the neighborhood crackpot and I'm totally at peace with that.

It was hotter than ten poops today so we didn't do it for long but we played in the yard and took some photos. Then we drove to have lunch with daddy. School will start soon and that won't be an option so it was nice to do that today.

After we got home I put River down for her nap, which she takes daily now. She didn't take one for the majority of the time Chris worked from home and while I don't like to point fingers, I blame him. Anyhoo, I put her down for her nap and then I attacked my closet and when I say "attacked" I mean I tossed more than I kept. If I saved one one item of clothing, I tossed six. It needed to happen. I had work shirts that I wore as a restaurant manager and I quit that job in 1998! I also found colours that I just don't do. I found a baby blue t-shirt. I must have been drunk on wine coolers when I bought that shit. I can't remember the last time I wore baby blue! I kinda have a rule that I don't wear colours that most people put on their toddlers. Of course I don't put my kids in that shit either.

So now I have like 200+ pieces of clothing laying on my office floor waiting to be donated. I'm gonna make some chunky chick really, really happy. I hope she likes baby blue!

This is me today running around my back yard in a crendolin. Good times.

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  1. hahahaaaa..hotter than 10 poops!

    Good luck on the donation.