Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

Oh how I've found a way to love gutting my house! I am coming upon all kinds of shit. Most recently, my wedding veil. Clearly I'm not tossing the veil but I'm digging playing with the things I find. Only I can sit in my back yard and make myself laugh this hard at the absurdity of what I'm doing. Those are always the best photos. I have every intent of a normal photo and then I think about what I'm doing and it makes me laugh so hard that I miss the shutter release. I mean I must be happy because I don't share my fillings with just anyone.

How I found humor in this post downfall heat, I will never know. This was like a pocket of nauseatingly hot weather and then it rained again. I think I even saw hail. Now it's hot again, and wet. That's just a lethal combination. We need to make a run to Target when my husband gets home and I just know I'm gonna sweat. I can already feel it running down my back. I just hate that. It always reminds me of Field Day in the 5th grade when I wore my dark Jordache jeans and that God forsaken purple and white Gloria Vanderbilt sweater. No idea why I wore a sweater on Field Day but I remember sweating like a whore in church and cursing that fucking outfit. I won't even get into the purple and white braided barrette that I wore in my hair. I was trying to hold my bangs back (this may have been the last time I had bangs) because I'd just allowed someone to perm them. The early 80s were so unforgiving. I also had a gap between my front teeth that you could stick a quarter in. I was a fucking mess. Where is that school photo when you need it? I swear on all that is holy that I wore that fucking sweat and barrette in that year's school photo. Ugggg....those barrettes were the worst.

Just for shits and giggles I decided to Google those god awful things and see if I could find an old photo of them from back in the day. To both my shock and utter amazement, people are selling them now! I found this Etsy site where a chick is selling them for $6! These things are ugly as shit! Why you would put your kid in that thing, I can't figure out. I wouldn't and my kid wears a hair bow 24/7, but even I have my limits. I bet this chick makes her kids wear parachute pants as well. Abuse is what this is. Yeah, I wore them in 1980(ish) but I was in the 5th grade! What's your excuse?

I spent most of the day on the phone scheduling and rescheduling photo shoots and trying to get 10 women and 17 children into one room to have our annual photos taken. We've done it every year for a while now and they're great photos but trying to get this many people together is a full time job, stressful. The date is set and while I'm sure that while we're there it will be a nightmare, that will probably last less than an hour and then we're done for another year, which sounds really good right now. Did I mention that it was stressful?

Anyway, this is me today in my wedding veil. I took a photo with Owen as well because I though it was cool that the last time I wore this (5 years ago next month) I was 5 months pregnant with him. Now look at him! Like a ray of fucking sunshine!

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