Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's All About Me ~ In Pictures Part Deux

Owen's last swim lesson was this morning. I'll sign him up for more but I need to find a good teacher first as the one we just had is leaving. Actually, today was her last day. It isn't that he's afraid of the water, he's just not a fan of doing what he's told in water. He's better if he's comfortable in the pool in that it's a pool he knows he can touch the bottom and he's spent a lot of time in but he is pure misery in a lesson. No idea where he gets that from.

Anyhoo, we hung out after because our friends were there as well. I even went down the slide a few times which I swear feels like 3rd grade. We also bought tickets to movie night which is coming up soon. Movie night in the pool sounds good.

I got this waterproof camera last year for my birthday and I've used the hell out of it. I love taking photos of the kids at the pool and underwater. It can go up to 9 ft underwater which is more than enough for me. Sine I don't know how to swim, if any camera of mine is 9 ft underwater it's because I dropped it or I'm dead.

We came home and did more gutting where I found another personality test. Good times. This one was both worse and more accurate. Class A personality. Who saw that coming?

So, this is me today, underwater and clearly in desperate need of a pedicure. I also need my hair cut and coloured. I'm a big ole' mess. If I were a dog, I'd take me out back and shoot me but my last haircut was soooo good that I know this girl is going to fuck it up. You can't get the best haircut ever and then look forward to someone else having to do it next time but I've got to motor or people will think I'm part skunk.

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