Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Want to Kill This Bastard!

I understand that the planet needs hot days, just like it needs cold ones. I get it, really I do but wanting to kill yourself rather than go to your car to retrieve a Target bag is too much. This kind of heat reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where the sun had moved too close to the earth. What a fucking nightmare!

It was Africa hot yesterday. How people live like that I will never know. It's one of the reasons I moved out of the south (there were many) and apparently it followed me. Yes, this is technically the South but you only think that if you've never been to Alabama where they're still a pickin' and a grinin'.

It's been so hot that it feels wet and today is just as bad. We're all bitching at each other and God forbid anyone touches me. My son put his hand on my arm during lunch and I thought I was going to start spinning until I busted a Michelle shaped hole in the wall on my fast retreat to the pool.

I'd sick his brother on him, but between you and me, I think the Snow Miser is a pussy.

Also, my favorite train wreck died. Not a good day. I was looking forward to her new CD..., had she put the pipe down long enough to make one.

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