Friday, June 10, 2011

Thank You Johnny Flynn!

I hate going to concerts in the summer, well, the outdoor ones anyway. A little rain won't kill me but it's the oppressive heat that causes me such grief. I wouldn't even have minded the crazy ass downpour that hit Merriweather last night because the heat is chased away was mind altering. I swear, heat like we had today makes me want to beat the shit out of someone. I'd pick someone stupid, but still. How people work on roofs, lay tar or build fences on days like today is beyond me.

This is why I sit under the pavilion whenever possible. I'm not against lawn seats if a band is worthy, and this one was but I have to really like you because I'm all about personal space. The water, I can handle. Some drunk 17 year old who can't hold his liquor as he rolls down the hill while trying to impress some chick, not so much.

It was hard to sit in our seats with sweat running down by back so when the wind picked up and whipped under the tented area of the pavilion, I was glad that it signaled a storm coming. Something had to give because the heat was making me feel evil and during one of the opening act, Matthew and the Atlas, it started pouring and I mean pouring like a bitch! Rain seemed to be comes sideways and it whipped up under that tent and got all of us! I'm not complaining because I'd rather be wet than hot but I felt bad for the people on the lawn. The show was sold out so there were A LOT of people on the lawn!

I'd never heard of Mumford & Sons before Johnny Flynn. I discovered them while doing my searches for more of his music and in my daily Johnny Flynn Google alerts. I like to keep on top of what he's doing so I don't miss anything which is easy to do. It's not like his tour schedule is going to be on MTV. Had I not been following him so closely, I could have missed how great Mumford & Sons are.

I bought tickets a while ago, around the same time I bought the Johnny Flynn tickets and I've been excited about going. Clearly I love Johnny Flynn more than anyone else but Mumford & Sons are in the same "family" as it were. Very talented and they put on a hell of a show. They had two opening bands, one I really liked (Matthew and the Atlas) and other wasn't really my thing but I LOVED Mumford! I'm so glad I sent to see them because I don't think you can really appreciate them until you see them live.

I would have liked to take 1100 photographs like I had at Johnny Flynn but Merriweather's camera policy blows. No professional cameras. So stupid to tell people they can only bring shitty cameras. What's the point in that? Of course you aren't supposed to shoot video either and you'll see in a second how well I followed that policy.

They opened the show with Sign No More and played all of the songs from their CD as well as new songs they've been working on. Everything sounded great, especially my favorite of their songs, Timshel.

I've been to tons of concerts, a lot at Merriweather but this is the first time that someone clapped so hard behind me that I could feel it in my chest. The place was really loud and full of energy. I could feel the whole place stomping during The Cave. It was nice. They mentioned this was the biggest show they've ever played, which rocks!

I'd totally go see them again!

This is a quick video of the rain:

On a total side note, seeing this was like a stab in the heart! 1990? Really??


  1. looked like fun. Nice meeting you. I look forward to more!

  2. Not sure who that is but looks like you had fun.

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  3. Just catching up on some blog reading and saw that we were in the same place at the same time! LOVE Mumford and sons. Our seats were under the pavilion, so we didn't get soaked, but I was almost sad that I didn't. I could have used the cool down.
    (I didn't like the second opening act either. I took the time to go wander around and get a drink.)