Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nothing Like the Smell of Racism in the Morning!

We've lived in this house for over four years. I'm terrible with dates and always have been but this date is easy to remember because it was my actual scheduled due date with my son and since he came early, we ended up moving just two days out of the hospital after my c-section. The market sucked then as it does now so you took what you could get. As it was they'd wanted us to move within 30 days and knocked up and sick as a dog, that was an impossibility.

So we moved here when I was still so sick that I was unable to go to settlement for either sale, which has always annoyed me. Before I had my son, that's what I did for a living. I sold new homes and went to settlement after settlement so it was difficult to sit home and send my husband. I like to control things and would have enjoyed running that show. It was the coldest month of the year as well so I didn't feel comfortable having Owen out in the bitter cold, first time mom shit and all.

When we bought this house we knew there were certain things that had to happen. We needed new windows because as God is my witness, the windows in this house were older than I am! When we opened them (when that was even possible) they would fall in on us and when they were "closed" you could see daylight through the cracks. We just wanted to feel more secure, have our heating and cooling bills go down and not have to prop the window open with the box my zoom lens came in. We also needed a new fence.

Our property is over .7 of an acre and most of it is in the back yard, where we need fencing. There is a fence already there and while as a photographer, I find beauty in it, I think I'm the only one. It's old, it's worn, there are holes in it. Mostly from our neighbors backing into it (without the balls to admit it) but most of all, it's just poorly constructed. What moron builds a fence without having the top slats end on a post? I've never built a fence and even I know that's more secure.

Anyhoo, the guy we hired showed up with his crew this morning at 7:57 AM. I know this because I was sitting in the sunroom with my laptop and looked down as I saw him parking on the side of my house. He didn't knock on the door and instead got busy setting up and then they started to remove the first section of old fencing.

At 8:20, and I know what time it was because again, I was in the sunroom watching Kipper and I had my laptop on a pillow in my lap, I saw two Anne Arundel County cruisers coming down my street. They weren't just driving by, they were going somewhere. I saw one slow and then pull onto the private drive on the side of my house, where the workers were parked. This is the private drive to the 3 homes on the drive.

I got up and walked into my daughter's room to look out and make sure nothing was going on over there, even though I knew nothing was. I saw one cop car pull all the way to the back of the drive, while on his radio, look around and start to pull back out, rolling his window down to speak to the workers. Then he drove back to the end of the drive, waved off the other cruiser and they both left.

Here's why this is offensive, some jackass called the police because there are black people in my yard? What kind of phone call was that from one of my racist ass neighbors? "I SEE BLACK PEOPLE!" WTF?

I don't blame the police for coming because I'm sure they were responding to a call, which they should do but don't then make up something like, 'Hey, what's this car doing parked on this private drive, in the yard of this private residence?' Why do they even care? My guess is that they don't. If I want a car parked in the center of my lawn, I CAN DO THAT! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND FIND SOMETHING WORTH DOING!

What would make someone see a flatbed truck pull up and think "Someone's gettin' robbed!" I get that one of the workers has his own car, which is super nice but still, what about that says a crime is 'bout to be commited besides the fact that they're black? That's hella offensive!

This is the car, which is now parked in my driveway because they got another shipment of fencing and needed to move it. No worries, the driver of that truck was white so no one called the police. All whiteys are safe in Anne Arundle County today!

Please, I beg, don't as my neighbor, no matter who you are, EVER tell me that you did that because I'm gonna call you out on your fear of all things black.

All this early morning activity almost made me forget how sad I was that my rustic old fence was going the way of the county dump. So, racism aside, I'm going to miss my rustic, old, worn, broken fence. I've taken so many photos that I love of my children in front of it and I'm sad that the new fence, no matter how awesome, just won't look the same in photos. It took everything I had not to ask them to leave a section behind but my husband would have laughed me out of the house.

Even one of my favorite self portraits wouldn't be the same without my fence in the background.

Finding beauty in simple things. That's what I bring.


  1. Yes, I love to find beauty in all simple things.... =)

  2. I'm hoping they thought you were being robbed. I actually know someone who was away when his house was cleaned out. One of his neighbors later told him that he saw a truck backed up in his yard, but didn't think anything of it. Anywho - let's hope!!

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