Sunday, May 8, 2011

National Michelle Day!

Also known as Mother's Day.

Before I had children I celebrated Secretary's Day. Not because I was a secretary because I wasn't but there is no such thing as Personal Whore Day so I went with what was available and made it my own. I remember once getting a card from my mother on Mother's Day and she wrote inside, "You live with a man so you should get a card!" She had no idea how true that was! That asshole couldn't order a pizza, fold a towel or wipe his own ass without assistance. Again, I'm sure there was no card that said, "Your boyfriend is a giganto toolbox. Can you break up with him already so I can tell you I think he's functionally slow?" She did the best she could.

On Mother's Day I would take the day and do something I wanted, read a book or watch a show I'd been meaning to catch. I'm one of those people that likes to be alone. I love it actually so quiet time doing me things is perfect! It is calming and it's free! I don't want to get away from my family because they're pretty cool but maybe on Mother's Day I get to pee alone? It's a small thing but one of those little things you don't realize you miss until you're reminded on a special day that you can still pee by yourself, eat a bagel without someone bitching that they'd like a bite and perhaps enjoy a frappachino without sweet tiny voices begging, "Can I have some cream Momma?"

I'll be honest, I don't care about flowers or expensive gifts. I mean I like and appreciate them but I don't expect it and don't feel upset that I might not get them. I've had a pretty good year. I have zero to complain about. My husband is too good to me and my babies really are awesome! I'd just like to go to Sakura and have the rest of the day be downtime. Downtime usually means sleeping until I wake up, sitting in the basement on my laptop while the kids run around me and not much more. I might sit on the deck if the mood swings me but I won't do more than that. There was a time I'd plant a garden every year but I got tired of whatever dirty fucking creature was eating my tomatoes so I'm not doing one this year. Too much stress involved in plotting that fuckers death so I'm abstaining.

So, I'll hang out with the fam and remember why my life rocks and all the reasons I' love being a Momma!

Top 10 reasons I'm a lucky Momma:

1. I love my job! I get to get up everyday and spend it with my babies. My job is to teach their hearts to sing and I love doing it. They run around laughing and giggling all day long and sometimes drive me insane but they're such fun!

2. My husband is good to me. Today while River was napping and Owen was at school, he came into the sunroom and said this to me, "You know I saw something on Facebook about renting a house on the water just outside of Forks, Washington. We should look into that someday." I almost got a little teary just hearing him say that. He knows how much that would mean to me and it's really, really sweet.

3. I'm my best friend. I can do anything by myself and I've never met anyone who loves that as much as I do. I love going to movies alone, shopping, going to a restaurant. I find it liberating. I just gleefully took a 12 hour car trip that turned into a 15 hour car trip by myself and I loved it! I got out of the car once! I sung at the top of my lungs and I had audible conversations with myself! I recommend this to anyone.

4. My son is doing well in school. He's basically been in school since the week he turned three, even in the summer. So, I look forward to him having the summer off and spending it at the Zoo, the train museum and seeing our friends again! I have a feeling next year will be a busy one.

5. River is like me. Maybe in a pain in the ass way but it will serve her well. I have a friend who has a daughter Owen's age. She's spunky and willful as hell but she's also so very sweet. I always hell her that she'll be a pain in the ass to raise but what a wonderful adult she'll make! It's nice to not have to worry about a kid in that way. She'll do what it takes to get what she wants and so will River.

6. My children love each other. They don't just love each other, they "like" each other which is way more important. I love a few people who I'd rather press a hot iron to my face than be in the same room with so "like" is important. Owen asks every night if River can sleep with him and even though he hasn't napped in almost a year, sometimes he'll ask if River can nap with him and they'll quietly play in his room for over 2 hours, not once coming out. They're so good to each other.

7. I have good friends. Really good friends actually. I've learned over the years how to distance myself from those who add nothing to my life and always have something stupid to say. I mean I've got a few of those in my life (who doesn't) but they're so insignificant that it doesn't phase me in the slightest.

8. I write. I feel like I'm a little behind in my writing at the moment because I've been so busy but I always come back to it and have no problem getting back into it. I wish I had more time to write. I could do with another 8 hours in the day actually. I'd get so much more done. Running the site is a full time job but I love it. It's nice to hear people say they check it often. Good feedback is helpful when you sometimes feel like you're talking to yourself. Getting up daily and reading about Twilight on a daily basis pleases me.

9. I take pictures. More than most people I guess and I fry computers with storage being a constant problem but I can't stop. I see my life in a series of frames and my babies are so beautiful! How am I not supposed to capture that? I'm lucky to have a really good camera...or two. It's an outlet of expression, one that I desperately need. Writing is that as well so I'm lucky I have options in that area. There have been times that I didn't have that and I'm a miserable person to be around when I don't have something.

10. I'm satisfied with my life. There are things I want but there always will be. I don't have everything I want but I love what I've got. I have a husband who adores me and I know I'm a pill. I have a family I love, even when they're crazy, and I mean crazy. My kids are like spun butter, sweet as shit! They're a complete joy, even when they're running around yelling about sunglasses, treats and "Momma, make Owen share!"

We took the kids to National Train day in DC, which for me was a nightmare of shitty trains and annoying people, but I think the kids had fun. They both got cheesy conductor hats and crap I've yet to go through. My favorite part was probably when they argued for 20 minutes over some stupid blue frozen drink I'd never let them have had we not been in what felt like a fucking bread line.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day but since I discovered the mighty Mojito tonight, I am going to wait and proof read this in the morning before pressing "Publish Post." I have a feeling that's the right thing to do.

I woke up this morning to Mother's day gifts that Owen made me at school!

The flower pot was full of candy. I opened it and Owen said, "Can I have all of that?"


  1. Great Post! I really wish there was a card that said your bf is a gigantic toolbox.....that would have saved me 7 years of my twenties....but oh and learn right? haha I was looking for new blogs and I came across yours :) I just wanted to say hi...I am now following you from stop by sometime and say hi

  2. LOL about the candy! Aren't all kids that way? And I know a little girl who is a spunky, willful little girl! She's about to drive me crazy!!! She doesn't listen for anything anymore. Love her to death and like you said, at least I probably won't have to worry about her, but dang is she hard to live with now! Thanks for linking up with us at the S&R weekend hop! and for posting the button. Have a great weekend!