Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Frothy Nail in My Coffin

The worst/best thing imaginable has happened! I drove down a road I don't frequent on the regular because I was picking something up and I discovered something awesome! I hit a major street in our area just at the corner and noticed that Popeye's Chicken is no more. My husband might think this earth shattering but I don't. That place was a shithole and needed to go to make room for something better and that's exactly what happened. They're ridding my part of town of a cockroach infested Popeye's to make room for a new Starbucks! And not just any Starbucks, this one has a drive thru!

I can't tell you how many times I've wanted a Chai Tea but skipped it because it was a pain in the ass to unload the kids. There were times I wanted one and I had to go grocery shopping so I went to that Giant (asshole central) on Rt 2 that I hate so much, just because it has a Starbucks. Once this puppy opens, I will never go there again!

While I've tried to cut back on Starbucks, it's kind of a thing for River and I. We almost always go there on Tu Tu Tuesdays when Owen is in school. I wish they had regular 2% milk and sometimes they do, but it's rare. I will get her that stupid organic vanilla milk if it's all they have but River loves it so I've let go of my annoyance with that shit. We also split a lemon poundcake that she eats more of than I do. As soon as we walk through the door, she jumps up to the same table and starts yelling "I want cake! Get me cake!" The only thing funnier is when someone is at our table and she walks over and just stares at them. She's usually wearing a tutu so we can play it off while they comment on how cute she is.

I can taste the ice cold goodness just sitting here. The damned cinnamon dolche that my brother introduced me to is the best part. Now I can't drink one without it. I wonder if I could get an ETA on the drive thru. I've peeked in the windows a couple of times and it's moving pretty quickly. All the outside work is done and the Starbucks signs are up!

I'm way too excited about this Starbucks, so pretentious. Also, I can't even tell you how much I should not even entertain the idea of Starbucks. I just want a Frappachino. Is that so wrong?


  1. You know this Star bucks has been the talk of the town. Every mom I have meet is waiting for it to open. The place is going to make a ton of money. Watch out Severna Park.

  2. OOOOH I'm excited, too. And I love drive-through Starbucks. I used to think they were so lazy, until I had kids that I didn't feel like dragging in.

  3. You are making want to go to starbucks, right now! Hope you get your fix soon.

  4. So good to know I'm not alone!