Thursday, March 3, 2011

Princess River

The kids and I went to a local park to meet our friends. It was a nice day and we were ready for some sunshine. We've been stuck in the house or at least doing things that have kept us inside and I felt like we were going to get rickets if we didn't get into the sunlight.

The kids played with their friends and I talked to mine. I chased Owen while taking photos, just like I always do. I also chased River to make sure she didn't get kicked in the head by a kid on a swing. I'm not sure why but a kid on a swing has a gravitational pull for my off spring. Owen did the same thing when he was little. I can't tell you how many times I had to drag him away while another parent held a swing in the air with a kid dangling precariously above his head. River is the same. Its just weird.

So as I was doing this I ran into a lady who I'd noticed had been staring at River or at least looking at her from time to time. I wasn't sure why she was doing it but if I'm being honest, I have to say that this happens often. I just think there is something striking about River. She's beautiful but that's not really why people do it, I don't think. It's mostly the hair but she's just got a look about her that was made for photographs. That is a blessing for me. For me to have two photogenic children is more than I could have ever hoped for.

While I was playing with River on the slide the lady with a light Spanish accent came over to me and said "Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. She is the spitting image of the Princess Margarita of Spain who lived in the 1600s. She was painted by Velázquez. Even the way she wears her hair to the side in the barrette."

My husband was the history major while I majored in photography so I knew nothing about this person she spoke of. I thanked her for saying such sweet things about my daughter and assured her I'd Google this princess when I got home to take a look and when we got home Owen went to school and I put River down for her nap, I did just that.

I've heard all kids of things from people when they see River. I've been told she looks like a young Reese Witherspoon when I put her hair in braids.

Someone once told me she looked like a young Madonna. I didn't get it and I don't see it but I'll take it. I tell her everyday she's a rockstar so it seemed to fit.

I usually smile and don't put much thought into it but when someone tells you your kid looks like a princess, I think it's only natural to want to see what that princess looks like and for once, I can kinda see what the lady was talking about.

Since I could see the resemblance I decided to do some research and find out something about her. She was born in 1651 and was the favorite child of her father, Philip IV of Spain. This is a coincidence because River is definitely one of my favorite kids! She had four kids and many miscarriages and died at the age of 21 and is buried in Vienna. Not too uncommon in the 1600s to die at such a young age.

This is the most famous painting of her by Diego Velázquez. It's called the Las Meninas or in English: The Maids of Honour. It's in the Prado Museum in Madrid so chances of me ever seeing it are slim, but it's a nice baroque painting. Doing all this research on an artist makes me miss my days of art history.

There are a lot worse things than having a stranger tell you that your daughter looks like a princess. She certainly thinks she is one so this almost feels like a full circle moment.

Princess River. I have a feeling that this won't be the last time this comes up.


  1. That is SO funny. She does look so much like her!

  2. That is absolutely uncanny! How awesome is that ;) I took my girls to IHOP the other day; a beauty queen sat close and told us how she's running for the state beauty queen and how our support could help her. Anyway, my oldest daughter said, "Is she REALLY a princess, mom? Princesses aren't real."

    I looked at her a smiled. "Some princesses are born and some are made. Personally I like the ones that are made."

    She grinned. "WOW! I want to be like that someday!" Sooo funny!

    I'm following from the hop.

  3. River is adorable! Hi there, I found you through the Lady Blogger's tea party. I have a two year old daughter who is also the princess of the household. I'm following you now...

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