Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pimpin Me Out

I was contacted by a company (who will remain nameless) who would like to send free product for me to try out and review. The email said that the chick had been looking through "family blogs" and came across mine, thinking I would be a perfect fit for their company. She mentioned my "Valentines Day" post as an example. Ummm, what? This is the same Valentines Day post where I said that the best thing I could do for my kids was to teach them to look someone who was treating them like shit in the eye and say "FUCK YOU!" So, I'm pretty sure she didn't even read it.

Not everyone wants to pimp their blog out for profit. Sometimes I get a little annoyed at blogs that just review things because it isn't real. If you just have a blog to make money from products that you review, why would I think it would be an honest review? You have a fiduciary relationship with the product and its makers.

I blog to keep a record of my life, not to bring extra money in. Hey, I'm not against extra money but not everything is for sale. If I were to review product, I think they'd expect the way I speak and come across to change. The conversation would definitely change if I were trying to make money here, so I'm not interested. Not to mention that if you sent me a product and it sucked hard, I would say "It sucked hard!" How could you possibly read my blog and think otherwise? I guess I'm not totally against a review or a giveaway but it has to be something cool. I wouldn't just give away a frying pan or a hairdryer. Maybe I'll be more open to it when the right thing comes along, but that hasn't happened yet.

There must be something in the proverbial waters because I got another request from a different company as I sit here typing this. Random.


  1. At least I know you'll give me honesty!!!

  2. So funny! I'm holding out to review a brand new house :) Once I reviewed cloth diaper detergent with absolutely no payout or freebie (they give a free sample to every tom dick and harry around) but I did it b/c the detergent saved my life! I was shopped by a worthless I-phone app company recently but seeing as how I don't have an app phone and their product sucked - I didn't even respond.