Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Know How to Rock a Party

I'm tired. Stressed out perhaps, which makes me tired. In January, my daughter turned two and just last week we celebrated my son's 4th birthday. Instead of having a party for each of them because between you and me, that's just too much damn vacuuming, we had one BIG party.

I like to throw parties. It's all fun and games up til the day of where I always run around like a fool yelling at everyone until I get into the shower as the first car pulls into the drive. I was actually able to open the door and say "hello!" to our first guests before jumping into the shower and leaving them to my husband.

The party was at two. Our parties have always been at 11 AMish before and I will NEVER do that shit again! The extra three hours was essential to my head not exploding. I had the things I'd made on my Cricut on the wall, the slideshow DVDs on the TVs and the chocolate fountain whirring as I slipped into the literally three minute shower and prepared for my day.

With all the stuff we got to dip in the chocolate, this seemed to be the crowd pleaser:

Of course a lot happened before that, like the gutting of the shit from my dining room, my computer, all of my scrapbooking stuff, the endless supply of stuff my kid makes at school and the exploding blue cheese. I won't even get into last night when my dog ripped open two bags of powdered sugar while we were at the market and that my husband practically begged me not to beat her.

I made River this kick ass tutu dress! Why ppl pay for these is beyond me. A monkey could do it. It's tying tulle onto elastic. Some ppl pay $40 for these things. I don't get it. I suppose it's for convenience but I have a fast and steady rule of not paying someone to do something when I am capable of doing it myself. Maybe I'm cheap. Maybe I have control issues, but I know I am capable of tying tulle onto elastic. I will be making a blue one next and then on to basic black, Every girl needs a little black dress. Who am I to deny her of that? A black tutu dress with her Chucks. That's photo worthy. I see the Wicked Witch in her future Halloween plans....

Owen dressed like a train engineer. He didn't keep the hat on long but since it's the best part, I included a photo I took of him in it yesterday.

I got up early, defrosted the meatballs, set the buttercream frosting (I'd made from a friend's recipe) out to soften and started cracking the eggs for deviled eggs. I had a discussion today about how people put sweet relish and Miracle Whip in their deviled eggs. Just recalling that memory made me gag. I'm from the south and I don't remember anyone ever defiling a deviled egg in that manner. I'm sure a lot of people use Miracle Whip but I don't know too many of them. Actually, this guy may be the only one. For some reason Miracle Whip makes me think of a trailer park. I'm sure there is some big stupid reason for that like maybe there was a trailer in a Miracle Whip commercial when I was 6 or I saw someone eating Miracle Whip in a trailer as a kid. I have no idea why that image comes to mind but even if I wasn't repulsed by the taste of Miracle Whip, I still would be incapable of eating it. I like my deviled eggs with Guldens and scallion, thank you very much!

Anyhoo, I made Owen a Thomas cake and Pinkalicious cupcakes for River. The Thomas cake was a giganto pain in the ass and will never be attempted again but even though it wasn't perfect, Owen loved it! My friend Sherry helped me cut and stack the cake and put on the Thomas coloured icing. HUGE help. Cutting was the most stressful part. His ass was sagging by go time but Owen didn't seem to notice.

I'd like to tell you how good the cake or cupcakes with the homemade frosting were, but I never tasted either. I'm sure they were fine. The kids didn't complain.

Since they shared their party, they each got their own cake/cupcakes and their own "Happy Birthday" song. Owen was first, since he is the oldest. He gets so shy when he's singled out so Thomas sat there on the table, candle burning while we sang and then Owen stepped up and blew out the candle. River didn't blow out her candle but got super giggly and shy when it was her turn. We've been practicing the song for weeks and she can sing it well, but she still acted embarrassed.

I tried to think of what the kids would say was their favorite part of the day. For River, I think it was the chocolate on a marshmallows and for Owen, just watching the chocolate fountain.

After that, I think they liked the gifts. I never remember the gifts when I'm planning a party and am almost always shocked when I see the first one. It happened again this year. During my three minute shower I remember thinking, "Shit, where am I going to put the gifts!?"

I'm not sure which is funnier, that we made the kids pose with their gifts or that Owen seems to be praising the gift fairy.

Lesson learned: Next year, sheet cake. Someone PLEASE remind me I said that when I pull out the chocolate fountain and order the brie.


  1. Looks like a great party and I love the tutu idea. I honestly never thought of making them myself :)
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  2. new follower from one of the blog hops!

  3. Wow that Thomas Cake is amazing. My sonw ould love it, but there is no way I am going to go there. He is going to have the 2D flat Thomas cake. Happy Birthday to your kids.