Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

Today was the best kind of day. It was unexpectedly warm. I mean you may have known that is was going to be 62 degrees today but I had no idea and was actually a little pissed when I left the house early wearing jeans. Had I known it was going to be such an awesome day I would have shaved my legs and busted out the Capris.

We left the house bright and early to go to see our regular photographer to have the kids 2 and 4 year photos taken. This is generally a nightmare because Owen screams and runs while begging for a sucker the whole time. Well, he used to do that. Today, he was an angel and River was the ass yelling at Mr Chris to "get me a sucker, right now!" Uggg, I hope this evil stage passes quickly but I don't hold out much hope. She's learned how to use her sweet voice and when that doesn't work, she screams like she just got out of prison. So annoying.

Anyway, the point I was making is that with so much drama for photos, it's nice to not be hot so less clothes would have been welcomed. Although I don't have much to complain about. It was tougher with Owen because he weighed so much. As annoying as it is to chase River around, at least she doesn't weigh as much as a Buick.

After we got the photos taken and sat around the mall taking photos of our feet (cause everyone does that, right?) we stopped by the house to change clothes before going to meet our friends at another mall for lunch. Apparently we're mall hoppers.

You know how sometimes you get dressed in the morning and right when you put your clothes on, you can tell it's going to be a shitty day? Something isn't right but you can't quite put your finger on it? Well, today was the opposite of that. As soon as I put my capris on, I knew the day was looking up. I'd even forgotten that I'd just shaved my legs! It was a nice surprise.

I left the house with a song on my lips and a spring in my step. I have no idea why this was the case but for some reason my inner rockstar came busting out today. Not that my inner rockstar is buried that deep, but you know what I mean. I sang so loud in the car to Johnny Flynn that my three year old yelled, "Momma, turn off Johnny Flynn!" Ummm, noooo....not today. Well, not any day really, but especially not today.

We got to the mall early and I made my way to Starbucks (with pep in my step), I needed the sugar and was dying of thirst. I was craving Chai so bad that I didn't mind hearing River yell, "Momma, I want some cream!" the entire time I drank my drink. I DID give her a bit of the whipped cream from the top. I totally think I'm enabling her. I'd like to cut her off if only so I can have it for myself.

We ate Chick fil A, the kids rode some rides and we did a little shopping around. We tried to get the kids on the train that runs through the mall but someone didn't show up for work today so the train was out of commission but since I was feeling so groovy, I didn't let it bother me, which helped Owen not be sad. Also, Stephanie asked me if I'd lost weight. While I know I've lost a few pounds, it really isn't noticeable and the last thing I needed was an ego boost, but hey, I'll take it. Save that shit for a rainy day.

After we left our friends, we skipped to the car and we sang at the top of our lungs as we made our way back to the house where we took more photos out back and ate marshmallows on the deck in our underwear. OK, only Owen was wearing his underwear, but I was there is spirit.

His teacher gave him this giganto marshmallow monstrosity for Valentines Day. He's been eyeballing it all week. I figured today was the day. He agreed.


  1. See? Always a fun day with the Caplans:). Hope to do it again soon:).

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  3. I love the whole story...what got me was when you said had you known it was going to be so nice you would have shaved your legs. You don't know how many times I've thought that. I hate shaving my legs if I don't have to. :)

  4. I love the warm weather and the fact that Owen was in his underware. I let my Owen do the same thing and all I get is greif from my husband and my mother.

  5. I am a new follower from the weekend hop. Your blog is gorgeous and these pictures are perfect! I love the one of the shoes, great idea!