Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Camera is Better Than Me

I can't remember my life when there wasn't a camera in it. Even before I cracked my first roll of film in the 5th grade, we had a 110. Remember those? I even had a disc camera in junior high. Disc camera was Kodak for "piece of shit", but what did I know? I was 13.

Check out this piece of shit:

Apparently you can still buy one of these on Amazon for $70. WTF? That's like going out of your way to buy a HUGE cell phone while wearing parachute pants. It makes no sense.

Even now I'm still annoyed with the fact that I remember all the drama I went through to sneak that tiny piece of shit into the Municipal Auditorium in downtown Nashville to steal images of Powerstation in April of 1985. I tucked the camera into my pants and ran into the general admission crowd every time a burly bouncer pointed at me. It was worse than standing room only in that at one point my feet weren't touching the ground and I was being held up by elbows in my rib cage. I almost passed out and I remember my last thought being, "Please let me see John Taylor so I can take an "illegal" photo of him!" Even funnier all these years later since I've met all the members of Duran Duran through my many stalking techniques and have seen Duran 30 times or so. How was I to know that that stupid camera would be obsolete just a few years later? However even though I have no photos to show for it, I'm glad I went since half the people in this photo are dead now. One of them has a phony "light sensitivity" that necessitates wearing sunglasses 24/7. The other is still hot.

My first camera, well, my first good camera, the one I used in high school and the one that got me into college was a Minolta X700. I still have it. It was a good camera for it's time. I went to school in 1990 and my camera came out in 1981 so I got it after it's time had begun, which was fine. My commercial art teacher spotted it in a thrift store in Nashville and it came with a huge bag and lots of lenses and filters. Momma paid $100 for it and I had to pay her back but it was worth it. Besides a small light leak that I was able to trick the camera into forgetting, it worked great. Looking at it now it looks like something my Grandfather would have used. It just looks so vintage.

I had a Ricoh for a while as I was preparing for a digital and once I moved onto that, I couldn't look back. I went through a few Cannon Point & Shoot cameras and they all sucked. I think it's what made me drink the Cannon hateraide. I've never forgiven them for making such shitty point and shoots. I have a Nikon P & S now and it is better than any of those Cannons I had before. Hell, my waterproof Fuji is better than those things!

About three years ago I bought a Nikon D60 and it's been great! I might even say that I've worked magic with that thing! I had to live without it for two weeks once and it was like I lost an arm. I bitched about it the whole time and even called to check on it, more than once. It is certainly the best camera I have ever owned, until now.

I've wanted a new camera for a while. One thing that annoyed me about it was the auto focus lenses. When I am shooting things that don't move, I will manual focus, but I have a hard time using manual focus with a running child. My eyesight is just not that good. So, I haven't been able to get much use out of my 50 mm lens because of it, and a lot of other lenses, aren't auto focus compatible with a D60 or bellow. So, since I was seeing limitations, I upgraded to a D90. I don't deserve it. It is frivilous and the only thing Ican say to make me feel better about spending the money is that I can say with certainty that it will get a great deal of use. It is the camera I should have held out for three years ago. This thing is like butter! You know how you can hold something in your hand and immediately know it's right? This camera feel right in my hand it is heavy. The kind of heavy when you know it's just made better. It also came with a kick ass lens! The lens by itself is like $300! I didn't expect it to come with such a great lens. It also comes with a good lens hood and I'm happy I don't have to buy one. What I DO have to buy in a new UV filter because this lens is 67mm when my other lenses are 52mm. A small price to pay for a great lens and I would have gotten a new one anyway.

So, I start anew. Learning this camera and how to take HD video clips, which I'm excited about. This camera was the first DSLR to have HD video capabilities when it came out in 08. It's a different animal and for the first time I have a camera that is better than me, which means I will spend ages learning to use it. I love new cameras like some people love new homes. I like to sit and look at it while imagining the possibilities. Ahhhhhh...Nikon......

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