Saturday, February 12, 2011

Long Day

Today was a long day. I knew it would be so it wasn't shocking but it's 8:50 PM. My kids have been in bed for 12 minutes and I am just sitting down to my laptop. Usually I am able to use it intermittently through out the day but since today was so busy, I never really got the chance.

It started out slow but we had a Birthday party to go to for a friend of Owen's. Alexa is turning four and she takes soccer so she had a soccer party. I'm not going to lie, I don't think my husband considers soccer a real sport so Owen doesn't really know anything about it, but he had fun running around and kicking the ball with his friends. They had cake. Actually they had a cake that looked like it could serve all of the armed forces at once. As far as Owen is concerned, that's a win win. He even let someone put a party hat on him. That doesn't usually happen.

While at the party my friend Karen tells me that one of my favorite kid's clothing stores (Crazy 8s) is having a really good sale on the t-shirts I like for Owen. They have sayings on them like "Future drummer" or "Rockstar" and with Owen's hair they just work so instead of coming home to relax before we're on our way to our next scheduled event, we take a trip to the mall. I can't even tell you when was the last time I went to the mall on a weekend, but it felt like Christmas. There were people everywhere sucking up my oxygen. Luckily I parked by the closest entrance to the store so we didn't have to search for a spot or park in China.

First thing we see when we enter the mall? That damn train that you pay $3 to ride around. "Momma, a choo-choo train!" "Momma, can I ride the choo-choo train?" Say that 50 times until your head explodes and you'll feel the way I did 5 minutes after setting foot into that friggen mall. The worst thing about it is that I can't just let my almost 4 year old son ride it alone, so I have to get on it too, pay $3 and look like an ass on a kids train. I did it, just so I could go and buy these damn shirts.

He was very excited and rode the train with his ticket in his hand and he waved to everyone like he owned the train.
After the train ride I was able to go and look at the shirts and pick some out while Owen stood at the front of the store and watched the train pass by, over and over. Luckily Karen was there as well with her family so the kids kinda watched the train together. While I think it's cool that they offer this. My mother's mall outside Chattanooga has one they call the "Chattanooga Choo-choo" so this isn't new, but every time I go to the mall now we'll have to ride that $3 love train! That's $9 if it's me and the kids. So much pressure. Owen is ass crazy about trains too so I won't be able to go and have him NOT ride it. Ugggghhhh.....

We had dinner plans with the Quades so after I got our loot, he watched the train go buy, one more time and we went home, got dressed for dinner and went to the restaurant. These are some things I learned at dinner tonight. First, my friend Angie's kid has an arm on him. He threw his sippy cup, food and his pacifier at me and he definitely packs a punch. He even threw his medicine at River and it went so fast that I was shocked. That kid is made for sports. Second, don't even ask your 4 year old son to hand you a fork unless you specify that he not stab you with it and lastly, deep in my soul, I'm an asshole.

Now none of this news is earth shattering but I did something tonight that although completely innocent was all kinds of asshollie. While at dinner, at a restaurant my friends apparently frequent. So much so that they call the server by her first name, I made a big ass faux paus. It's an Asian restaurant and my husband and I did what we always do, we ordered the steam dumplings. The problem? When I ordered them, I accidentally said, "steam dumprings."

Just so you know, technically, I'm not a racist. I would never purposely do that but I've heard it so many times that I just naturally say it that way. However, I'm making a big ass effort to never do that again. So ass backwards to say that period, but when ordering Asian food, it's just terrible. I wanted to stab myself in the neck with a knife.

However, on a lighter note and one that makes me giggle as I sit here, my friend Angie was Ms. Maryland when she was younger. She managed to successfully keep this tidbit to herself until her husband took me in the basement last night and I saw a gigantic framed photo of her in a red dress and a crown. She looked beautiful but seeing your friend in a crown isn't something you prepare yourself for. I'd do just about anything to have a photo of that picture to post. You have no idea! Almost as much as I wish I had video of my daughter trying to walk through a glass door tonight. She had her first blond moment! I'm so proud!

Best part about it, when we got home from dinner my husband said, "Ms. Maryland, huh? I didn't know you had any celebrity friends."


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  2. Looks like the kiddies had fun! I'm inspired to be a fun mom someday. Stop by TC30 sometimes!