Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blue Cupcakes

Guess who's 4???

Seems like just yesterday that little angel was cut from my womb. Now he's such a big boy! I know he was a bigger kid at 8lbs 12 oz but he looks so tiny in my husband's arms.

This was our first family portrait. I'd spent the last 30 minutes throwing up so that is why I'm not smiling. Also, I was probably scared shitless of that tiny little gestational diabetes inducing troublemaker.

Owen's first Drs appointment on February 28th, 2007, my due date. Also, the day we moved...nightmare.

When I brought my first baby home from the hospital I had no idea what I was doing, in fact I'd even say I was petrified. I'm pretty sure it was the fist time I'd ever held a newborn and I was clueless. I take that back, I may have held my niece and nephews but I was so young that I didn't retain that memory.

I brought home a brand new tiny 8 lbs. 12 oz baby boy and today I have 55 pound 4 year old! I've been going through a lot of old photos this week and even I am stupefied by this giganto kid I have! However as big as he is, he's the sweetest thing. After reading books that he loves and kissing his sister goodnight, we tucked him in and walked down the hall to the sound of his music playing and him farting. He's so goofy that we don't even acknowledge it any more. I can't help but wonder if he does that at school.

My son has always been the big kid. The only thing that is bigger than he is, is his heart. He is the sweetest kid I have ever come in contact with. I'm not sure how that happened because he didn't get that from me. I make sure to tell my kids every day how special and beautiful they are and I try to instill in them the way of thinking that has always worked for me. It hasn't been easy translating the "my shit doesn't stink" attitude to toddlers but I still try daily. Owen is way more gentle than me and even his sister. With River I find I will need to pull it back a bit to assure she doesn't leave my house thinking the sun rises and sets in her asshole but with Owen, telling him all day long that he's special seems to boost his self esteem, which I love! That can never be a bad thing.

I made cupcakes for Owen to take into both schools this week to celebrate his birthday and we're doing the train museum, again. As I sit here I am praying that it doesn't snow like it is supposed to and cancel school. I'd hate to be stuck in the house on his Birthday when I had such good things planned. We go to the train museum often but he loves it just as much every time we go. I know he'd also like to share these yummy cupcakes with his friends at school. I guess they'll hold for a day or two but still, that sucks to miss your birthday! If he does miss school, we'll just spend the day doing other things like playing in the snow. I know he loves that.

This is the first year that Owen really understands my "all day is about you" rule and I think he's going to have fun with it. He seems to know that cake and presents are involved, and that he's having a party on Saturday. If the snow turns out to be nothing (which I'm hoping) we'll go to dinner for his birthday. I told him about that so I hope we can make it happen.

Anyhoo, I'm so excited that my baby is 4! I'm so proud of the sweet kid that he is and how good he is to his sister. I'm not saying he doesn't run her over with the shopping cart when no one is looking. I'm not saying he doesn't have more of her dolls in his bed than she does. I'm not saying that he doesn't demand milk just because River has a cup of her own. What I AM saying is that when Owen wakes up, the first thing he wants to do is "go get River." I'm saying that if I leave her in her car seat while I bring groceries in the house, he screams "Momma, you forgot River!" I'm saying that when I give him a cheese stick in the afternoon, he looks at me and says, "One for River too?"

Before I had kids, I thought all kids were selfish. I still think being selfish is a stage that most kids go through, but Owen really hasn't. He has entered the phase where he understands some things are his but for the most part, he generally wants to share. He's hit one person in his life and it was his friend Ayden who got a little too close to one of his trains. I dropped the hammer on that behavior and he hasn't done it since. I think it has less to do with my reaction and more to do with the fact that that really just isn't him. He just wants to share and to be friends with everyone. It's nice, really.

So tomorrow I will make sure I tell him how proud I am of him. I know not everyone gets this from their parents, so I make sure my kids do. I will tell him he's beautiful. I will tell him he can do anything he wants to do in life because he's capable and that I will always be his #1 fan, even if he votes Republican, bashes the arts and wears purple or yellow or orange or teal.......

There are many special things about Owen. He's a really good kid. Very gentle with his sister and he loves everyone. I always want him to know how special he is and that he can do anything he wants. I make sure to tell him certain things over and over, rules if you will, to help him get there.
Always be kind to your sister, even when she doesn't deserve it.
Tell people how to treat you, don't let them decide for you.
Don't be afraid to stand alone.
Never apologize for what you believe.
Don't let anyone tell you what to do. Live your life by YOUR terms.
Never let someone else define who you are.
Be on time. People hate it when you're late.
Try not to be so sensitive. Not everything is life shattering.
Step out of your comfort zone. It can be fun.
Things I love about Owen:

Owen is the only family member who looks good in orange

Avocado, where?

Drool is the new black

When Owen is tired, he just stops

My baby can work a hat

One of my favorite photos of Owen

My goal as his mother is to keep him this excited about everything he does in his life!

Yay!!! My baby is 4!!!


  1. Holly cow he is 4. Why do I still look at them as just babies? I can't believe that he is 4 because that will make my Owen 4 is just a couple of weeks. Well 2 weeks. How can he be 4? Happy Birthday Owen. Sorry it snowed but I hope you had a great day anyway.

  2. You've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award! See this link for info -- http://www.ahootiehoot.blogspot.com/

  3. Great birthday post. My favourite is the bottom part, Things I love about Owen. Hope you and your family have a great "Owen" day.

  4. Happy Birthday, Owen!