Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paper Mama's Photo Challenge ~ Friends

Most of my son's friends are girls. I'm not sure why, just lucky I guess. He's a part of a large playgroup that covers two counties and as most of us have had our second and third kids, we kinda just take what we get. The good thing about it is that he doesn't just not care that they're girls, he doesn't even notice. He has fun playing with anyone who will play with him.

This is a photo of my son (on the left) playing with his girlfriends Cora and Alexa. They're watching all the turtles in the water below. They've all known each other for over 3 1/2 years and at 4 years old, that's a hella long time. They spent this day doing everything we asked them not to. If I remember correctly, I think Owen even tried to run into the street and came home with a splinter or two. Good times.

The best thing about my kid's friends is that we adore all of them and I feel safe when my kids are with them. That's huge when you don't have family around.

Some others I liked from the day:

The Paper Mama


  1. Very cute perspective on the first one!

  2. Seriously I almost cried at this post! Michelle, we love you and are so lucky to have you and your family in our life. I really love that we've been friends since the kids were babies. I know we will always be close:-).