Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pimpin Ain't Easy!

I drove Owen to school this morning like I always do. It was bitterly cold so I tried to do it without bitching which for me is damn near impossible. I ran in with River while Owen frolicked across the courtyard, making me wait which burns me up and he knows it! You'd think that would break the chill. It didn't.

So we get inside and wait in the lobby for them to call us all back so we can take our kids to their classrooms. First we hang up his coat and bag before taking his folder and lunch bag into the room to put them in their proper places. As we walk up to the door a little girl stops him and hands him a green piece of paper. I couldn't see what was on it because I had turned to get River who was digging through some kid's bag.

Turns out it was Addison, a cute little girl from Owen's class and she had painted him a picture! How cute is that? Her mother told me that Addison talks about Owen all the time! I mean why wouldn't she? Take a look at my boy. If he looks this cute when he's stealing food at a party, what's not to love?

I'm sure this is the first of many paintings to come. Boys want to be him. Girls wish they had his hair. This is only the beginning. They'll be all over him if he ever gets a haircut and they can actually see his face! Not that I plan on letting that happen anytime soon. :)


  1. Ha ha! I love this!

    Way back when my mom went to pick up my youngest sis from kindergarten, she found her sitting on the front steps of the school with a little boy. He looked up and said, "Are you her mom? I'm in love with her."