Friday, December 24, 2010

Mushrooms on Toast!

I was five months pregnant when my husband and I honeymooned (No, it was not a shotgun wedding) in London, Paris and Rome. I'm generally not the type to try something new so I knew that those two things combined would make eating while in Europe a problem for me and I was right.

We stayed in the best hotels I'd ever set foot in. The Chesterfield Mayfair in London, the Hotel de Louvre (where looking out our window, we could see directly into the extra large windows of the Louvre in Paris and the ST. Regis Grand in Rome. Great hotels. Great restaurants. European food. We had breakfast in each hotel every morning. I think it was included in all three of them but the restaurant in the Chesterfield was a really nice restaurant with the nicest people ever working. The food however, was a totally fucking mess. Yogurt should be sweet. The yogurt there was not sweet and in fact was a bit salty and warm. I almost cried the morning I first ate it because I felt so bad and needed something cool because I felt warm. The taste of that shit was so vile that it's stuck with me over 4 years later. I swear I can still taste it.

Being pregnant and having gestational diabetes (and not knowing it yet) made for an interesting trip. I made an attempt to partake in the local cuisine but even the sodas, which contain real sugar as opposed to the corn starch I am used to, made me feel like I was going to implode into an overly sweet pressed sugar confection. We even went to an incredible restaurant in our hotel in Rome called Vivendo. The food was good, but it was European good. That's not an insult, but the food is different there and I just wasn't used to it. The best meal I had the whole time we were away was at a place called The Texas Embasy. I loved it! I think I had tortilla soup and taquitos. Funny how that felt American to me, which makes no sense but it was familiar at least.

Anyhoo, this morning Chris and I were watching Kitchen Nightmares on Tivo. Gordon Ramsey kind of annoyed me so I never watched any of his shows but Chris ad I came across this by accident and we both loved it. Shows we can watch together don't come often because I'm hard to please and he likes crap (that was a joke) so when we find something we both like, we jump on it. So this morning we're watching an episode from the UK. The restaurant was the Cannary and he was making up new things for their menu because the whole thing was shit. He made up a recipe called Mushroom Toast. I was all over this because my husband hates mushrooms so when I see a good recipe that I can make for myself, I grab it.

Toast, sauteed mushrooms, a poached egg and mustard. Very British but I LOVED it! I used Grey Poupon and put it on the side but it was excellent! It also cleared my nasal passages so it was a win, win!

You should totally watch this show if you like seeing anyone get their ass handed to them like I do.

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