Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Am Sick

Last year in November I got really sick. Really sick. I spent the better part of November and December either in my bed or in the hospital. I think it started out with the flu and then just as I was getting over that, I went to the hospital on Christmas Eve with a pain I know all too well. I'd had seven kidney stones before this so I knew before I even got to the hospital what was going on.

I've had two children cut from my womb but the pain of this 8th kidney stone, which was over 9 mm was as excruciating as all the rest but for some reason it seemed to take more out of me. I don't know if that is because I'm getting older or because it was so large. I know the Dilaudid they gave me rocked my world while knocking me the fuck out! A stupid nurse actually gave it to me while I was sitting up on the bed and I almost fell off. Now I understand that I'm the one who chose to sit up but with a 9mm kidney stone in me, it wasn't like I was thinking clearly. So I blame her. It's hard to lay down when you're in that kind of pain. Sitting up is just easier.

Anyhoo, they tried to keep me over night on Christmas Eve but I cried my way into them letting me go home. It was my daughter's first Christmas so I didn't want to miss it. We live less than 10 minutes from the hospital so I thought the chances were low that I would die en route. As it turns out I should have just listened to them and stayed. I knew immediately when I woke up that I was going back as soon as I could make it happen. The pain was almost unbearable. We opened up a gift or two and I took like 5 photos on Christmas morning. Anyone who knows me knows that me taking 5 photos is a joke. On Christmas morning I usually take hundreds of photos. Also, the ones I did take totally suck.

So after going back to the hospital, getting a stint, which helped some but I was still in pain through New Years. On New Years Day I went back to have the stink removed because why not ruin all three holidays while I'm at it? It was a big fucking royal mess. Totally miserable. I feel like I missed my daughter's first Christmas.

This is why I rehash all of this, I feel like SHIT! While my husband was tripping the lights fantastic at a Wizards game last night I painted the bathroom and I mean PAINTED THE BATHROOM! I got so sick and just sat there and cried. Not making it when you're throwing up is vile. Sitting in it and crying because you have no idea how you'll clean it and yourself up is something else entirely. This is how last year started. I was sick with what I thought was the flu for a while and then my 8th kidney stone presented itself. I just have to cross my fingers and hope that isn't where this is headed. I feel like I get a second chance at my daughter's first Christmas and I will be PISSED if I had to miss it again.

Crossing my fingers.


  1. Poor you! I hope it is just a stomach bug.

  2. You are healthier this year than last - you have your sugar under control, have lost weight and are in a better place...keep telling yourself that. State of mind helps. Here's hoping it goes away quickly!