Friday, December 3, 2010

Eclipse Released on DVD/Blue Ray

So finally Eclipse is being released on DVD and Blue Ray at 12 AM tomorrow. I'll be sleeping and picking it up later. I see no point to drag my ass out into this cold when I can pick it up at noon. That's the kind of shit you do when you're 15. I know because I've done it. It's not like I'd be watching it at 1:00 in the morning anyway. I've got kids for God's sakes!

Apparently it all begins with a choice. The choice seems to be which DVD/Blueray to buy. It looks like most of the content is the same this time around but the packaging is different. I like the packaging at Target because it matches the Twilight and New Moon packaging that Borders sold. They aren't doing it this time around, which is peculiar.

The one Best Buy is selling comes in a steel case, like the one I bought there last time for New Moon. I'm leaning towards that one. You can also buy Bella's bracelet for $5.99 which I don't give two shits about. $5.99 translates into a green wrist. Walmart is selling the DVD packaged with Destination Forks. I definitely want to get that. I have Twilight in Forks and thought that was pretty neat. I look forward to watching them both since my trip to Forks but haven't had the chance. I'm too buy dreaming of my return visit to that beautiful part of the country.

The good news? My husband says that it's not totally crazy to own three copies of a DVD. I think I might have to take him up on that. Either way, I'm watching Eclipse tomorrow night. Yay me! I'm also glad this is the last time I have to see Bryce Dallas Howard butcher Victoria. Where is Rachelle when you need her? Something is wrong when you're glad a character is killed off just so you don't have to see the annoying actress who thought the role wasn't good enough before Twilight blew up, totally sink one of your favorite characters.

I feel a Twifecta coming on.


  1. ah yes, i saw. knew you'd be all over it ;)

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    oh by the way, I love the picture at the top of your blog, it's so cute

  3. lol we did go at midnight and girl this morning coffee is my BFF!! I didnt get the destination forks because I thought it was the same and the twilight forks but I think Imma go back and get that one too. Ill gift the movie to my bff and keep the extra dvd LOL. It was like being 15 but after being there for about 3 hours I was over it hahahaha

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