Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Other Mothers Annoy Me!

Here's the deal. My son is 3 1/2 and he's been in school for well over 6 months. Last year he was in five days a week. He took the bus and everything. He has a delay with receptive and expressive language and has been getting help for it since he was two. We started out with in home services through the county and now he gets help in an actual school, which I love.
However, that isn't the only schooling he gets. He goes a few days to this school and he is also going to a "regular" local pre-K the other two days of the week. He's thriving and learning a lot. He would have been able to continue at the first school five days a week had I agreed but I decided he needed to attempt "regular" pre-K to better help him adjust to kindergarten. I thought coming out of that special five day a week pre-k and going straight into kindergarten would have been a hella stressful adjustment for him and I didn't want him to have to make that leap. So, it's going great so far. He had a few disciplinary stumbles while Chris and I were gone on vacation but nothing since. I run a tight"DO AS I SAY!" ship so we're getting back to business as usual.

The only thing I could do without, and this isn't shocking for anyone who knows me, is the other mothers. The few dads that drop their kids off are great! Zero problems with the dads but the moms are part of what I'd have to call The Greater Severna Park Asshole Club. Now I'm not from this area so I don't give two shits that people in Annapolis look down on people in Bowie and Arnold or people in Severna Park think they're better than those in Glen Burnie and the surrounding areas but get over yourselves. I mean it's a Pasadena location. If you're so much better than me, keep your ass in Severna Park. I don't care if Severna Park is three streets away. It is three streets from my own house and I don't consider it a selling point. I make a point to not even go to the Severna Park Giant because it's asshole central. I know women who live in these areas and they aren't all assholes so it's not like everyone is an ass but some of them sure are.
I won't get into the specifics of why these women are so annoying. It isn't worth the carpel tunnel but lets just say they speak to me when they have no other choice to do so and all other times look at me like they're smelling onions. Afterall, I'm the one with the boy who lets her son look like a girl, right? If I could offer one piece of advice to these bettters than me, it would be this, Don't offer to work on a project with five or so other women and then sit on your ass for over two months. You have no right to get pissy when someone else does the work you've been avoiding. I am busier than I've ever been and I don't have time to worry about your whinny ass feelings getting hurt. Get your head out of your ass, put down the hiddious Juicy bag and do something, anything.
Kept women make me giggle.


  1. I can't stand moms like that.

    I am eternally thankful that my son's preschool does a drive-up line for drop-off and pick-up and I really don't have to deal with the moms.

  2. I was totally against a drop off line. Now I get it.

  3. Mama Bear is the only Mama that matters and I can tell you are fiercely protective! Good girl!
    I am a special ed teacher and think you are on the right track with your son! Good job!

  4. AMEN! I live in a nice area of town and virtually all of the moms in our neighborhood are SAHM. Fine, good for you but I choose to work outside of the home - it works for me. But you would think I kill kittens each day or something. These women BARELY speak to me. Like I'm so pressed to hear about your latest drinking, er, book club. I just remind myself to laugh esp. since most of these people are buried in debt and misery from trying to keep up with each other!