Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trendy Treehouse ~ Shutter Love Tuesday ~ I WON!


I enter photos from time to time in Shutter Love Tuesdays over at the Trendy Treehouse. This week the photo I took of my son at Centennial Lake came in 1st place!

It makes me happy because I love this damn photo! The leaves are amazing and they way they reflect on the water is breathtaking. This photo is why I load up my kids every year after I've waited for the perfect time for the leaves to be at their peak. Right before the red leaves start to fall is the time I try to catch it. I got it perfect this year.

Thanks Trendy Treehouse!

My son wanted to take a bow:

Paper Mama's Photo Challenge ~ B&W

The Paper Mama

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Christmas My Bitch!

I don't know what happened to me this year. Usually I leave all the Christmas stuff til the last minute because I just don't want to deal with it. I know this might be a surprise to those who know me but I'm not a people person. I don't like crowds and strange people sucking up all my oxygen. So the thought of Christmas shopping with all the other loons is about as exciting as burrowing holes under my eyelids with a rusty nail.
I spent a day cutting all the material for bedding for River's doll bed and cradle and then spent tonight sewing. I was able to get everything done in one night! I did all her bedding, including pillows, a matching big blanket for her, a Wizard of Oz throw for her doll bed and a big one for her in the same fleece and even a large Thomas throw for Owen. My sewing machine is on fire but it kicks ass! It didn't jam once and I only had to refill the bobbin once. It was a productive night. Usually it jams a few times at least but not tonight. The only thing I have left to do it River's stocking. I didn't get it done last year because I was in the hospital so I'm finishing it now. It almost feels like her first Christmas because I was so sick last year. They tried to keep me over night on Christmas Eve! As if!
I even got the kids to visit Santa early and for the first time my son sat on his lap without a screaming match that resulted in me having to pry him from the ground he was holding onto with all his might. At 52 pounds that is pretty much out of the question this year.
We talked it up big time this year. Owen loves Thomas the Tank Engine so we told him if he wanted trains, he had to tell Santa what he wanted. I got a little teary when I heard him say, "I want Thomas trains." This is a pretty big deal for a three year old who has speech delays. It's the first year he's been able to ask us for stuff so we really want to go out of our way to get whatever he asks for. I figure if he connects the dots and remembers he asked for Santa to bring him the things he's unwrapping it will foster his belief in Santa and Christmas. This is a win win.
Also, I bought River the cutest tights to go with her $6 Christmas dress. She looked like a friggen rockstar! That kid can wear anything!

Trendy Treehouse ~ Shutter Love Tuesday ~ Fall

I miss these leaves already.


The Trendy Treehouse

Monday, November 22, 2010

Paper Mama's Photo Challenge ~ Eyes

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Oh my God I am so busy! I have no idea how I ever worked outside the home. I had so much more time when the only thing I did was go to work. How people work (outside the home) and have kids is beyond me, unless you've got one of me at home to help out.

Christmas is a bitch this year and I don't know if that's because Momma is coming up for Thanksgiving or because it's just a bitch this year but I feel like I've got so much to do. We are going to lug the things from the attic so we can start decorating soon and that's always fun. I'm thinking of stripping to the bear minimum while the crates are down here. If I haven't used it since we moved into this house, it's going.

It's not just Christmas. I'm not sure why this time of year is so hectic but I've got tons of appointments for the kids and me all over the place and come on the same day at the same time so we have to split up during the day. This is hectic and I don't do hectic. Not well anyway. I barely have time to live my life, much less blog about it.

However, it is staring to turn around. Tonight in an attempt to make Christmas my bitch, I cut all of the material I need for the things I am making for the kids. River is getting a baby bed and a cradle so they both need bedding. I also got this great Wizard of Oz fleece months ago and I'm making her a new sew blanket to match the one I made for her doll bed. Now I just need to bring the sewing machine up and hammer the rest of this stuff out. I assume the doll pillows will be the hardest but if I give myself the time I think I could have it all done before Wednesday. We'll see.

I also discovered that I bought Owen waaaaaaayyyy more stuff than I bought River. Now I don't think River would even notice but I don't want her to be done opening her gifts while Owen is still hammering a way so I must find a way to even that up a bit.

It's going to be a good Christmas.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Facing Myself ~ A Monthly Self Portrait Challenge

Because Halloween shouldn't just be about the kid, right? They're back there in the wagon, see em?
Facing Myself

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kennedy Krieger

Today was the day I feel like I waited for forever. I've been trying and waiting to get River into Kennedy Krieger for months. I was very excited for today so we could possibly get some answers on River's walking situation.

We had a 10 AM appointment but we were told to be there 30 minutes early to fill out paper work and go over things with a nurse. I get it. That was the plan but you take one wrong turn in downtown Baltimore and it adds 15 minutes on to your trip so we were late, but not by that much. I certainly didn't make them wait for me for four months, but I digress....

We waited in the 4th floor lobby long enough for River to play with a few toys, me to take a few photos and for Chris to walk into the bathroom before we were called. It always happens like that. You go to a restaurant and as soon as you go to pee, your food comes. We walked slow and he was able to catch up.

First we went in and the nurses, who I must admit were both very welcoming and all very kind, got River's temp, BP and her weight (24.8 pounds) and River liked it because they had a huge scale that would fit wheel chairs so she could get on and off. She was 34 inches long. I'm not sure it that's long or short for her age. I should probably look that up.

She played with the stickers the nurse gave her which was nice. I've never once been able to distract Owen with those things. He once got a shot and threw it in the nurse's face before spitting his two year old venom at her.

After we left the triage room we were moved to a pretty nice room with a big blue bed that was low enough for kids to get on and off by themselves. I thought that was nice as opposed to the high things that are usually in Drs offices. River liked it because she could run around on it.

Then we had to strip her down to her diaper. She had zero issues with this and even went toddling down the hallway checking stuff out in just a dipe. At Owen's 3 year appointment he screamed like I was cutting his hand off when I tried to take his clothes off so this was refreshing. It's a nice change of pace to not have to sit next to a kid screaming, "I want my pants, Momma, I want my pants!" for 15 minutes while you're waiting for the doctor. Also, she looks hella cute in just a dipe. I think it's the hair.

Here she is playing with a phone that I'm almost certain is left over from the Nixon administration:

She got pissed when daddy wouldn't let her play with his ring. This is her fake cry. Pretty good, huh?

Then she started to laugh when I laughed at her fake cry. No conviction.

Lovin on her bunny:

Laughing with Daddy. I've got to say that this kid has the best disposition. Except for the fake crying incident, she did great! She laughed and smiled all morning. It may have helped that those nurses loved her!

Naked baby!

Then they walked us down to the x-ray room for baby's first x-ray. I had to hold her arms above her head and Chris held her legs. She did pretty well considering. Really I think she was fine until we held her down. She's like me and can't be contained. While we were holding her she yelled, "Help! Help!" Not like she really meant it. It wasn't a scream or anything so it made me giggle. She was totally fine once we let her go and she toddled back to our room. One other thing that I liked about this hospital, they took 1 x-ray and it was perfect. We saw it on the screen immediately and by the time we got back to our room, the Dr was in the chair looking at Riv's x-ray on his screen. That's efficiency.

My baby waiting on her breakfast. I thought she might eat this sign. We got bagels and sat in the lobby and ate them, breaking her off a piece after almost every bite. To be so tiny, she eats like a wild animal but with eat bite she looked up and said, "Thank you Momma!" It was so cute and the lady behind Chris just watched her and kept turning around when she thanked me for every bite. Seriously cute. Good manners on that one!

This was the diagnoses for River:

I would explain it but I went to art school not medical school so I'll leave it to the professionals. I will tell you that it is apparently a Congenital Postural Deformity and she was born with it. I'm glad it has a 99% rate of correcting itself over time. There is a brace she could wear that would prevent her from falling so much. It would apparently wrap around her waist and go down into her shoes and pull her foot out but the Dr said that would only stop her from falling, it wouldn't correct the problem, which we agreed was stupid. She just needs to walk as much as she can so it can get to healing. I plan to try to not use the stroller as much as I have been. I'd like to make that a thing of the past.

So, she's fine. She's in no pain and she doesn't even flinch when she trips or rolls her foot, but I hope it doesn't mean that sports are out for her in a couple of years because I'd like to get her into something. Her physical therapist suggested I get her in swimming or dance class and I might look into that after the first of the year. I know my husband will freak but maybe I could find something cheap while Owen is in school. We'll see.

So we left the Kennedy Krieger Outpatient Building and walked up to their main building to get our car which we'd left with the valet. This is River at the valet stand, unable to take her eyes off the attendant:

Seriously River, the valet is free. Save that magic for someone else.
She got a lot of attention today. I should slap that giganto bow in her hair more often:

This won the "You've got to be shitting me" award for the day:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Other Mothers Annoy Me!

Here's the deal. My son is 3 1/2 and he's been in school for well over 6 months. Last year he was in five days a week. He took the bus and everything. He has a delay with receptive and expressive language and has been getting help for it since he was two. We started out with in home services through the county and now he gets help in an actual school, which I love.
However, that isn't the only schooling he gets. He goes a few days to this school and he is also going to a "regular" local pre-K the other two days of the week. He's thriving and learning a lot. He would have been able to continue at the first school five days a week had I agreed but I decided he needed to attempt "regular" pre-K to better help him adjust to kindergarten. I thought coming out of that special five day a week pre-k and going straight into kindergarten would have been a hella stressful adjustment for him and I didn't want him to have to make that leap. So, it's going great so far. He had a few disciplinary stumbles while Chris and I were gone on vacation but nothing since. I run a tight"DO AS I SAY!" ship so we're getting back to business as usual.

The only thing I could do without, and this isn't shocking for anyone who knows me, is the other mothers. The few dads that drop their kids off are great! Zero problems with the dads but the moms are part of what I'd have to call The Greater Severna Park Asshole Club. Now I'm not from this area so I don't give two shits that people in Annapolis look down on people in Bowie and Arnold or people in Severna Park think they're better than those in Glen Burnie and the surrounding areas but get over yourselves. I mean it's a Pasadena location. If you're so much better than me, keep your ass in Severna Park. I don't care if Severna Park is three streets away. It is three streets from my own house and I don't consider it a selling point. I make a point to not even go to the Severna Park Giant because it's asshole central. I know women who live in these areas and they aren't all assholes so it's not like everyone is an ass but some of them sure are.
I won't get into the specifics of why these women are so annoying. It isn't worth the carpel tunnel but lets just say they speak to me when they have no other choice to do so and all other times look at me like they're smelling onions. Afterall, I'm the one with the boy who lets her son look like a girl, right? If I could offer one piece of advice to these bettters than me, it would be this, Don't offer to work on a project with five or so other women and then sit on your ass for over two months. You have no right to get pissy when someone else does the work you've been avoiding. I am busier than I've ever been and I don't have time to worry about your whinny ass feelings getting hurt. Get your head out of your ass, put down the hiddious Juicy bag and do something, anything.
Kept women make me giggle.

Fall Photos

I've been so busy doing other things these days that it's not even funny. So much school, meetings and doctor's appointments that I haven't had time to do anything else, much less blog about it.

These are some photos I took yesterday of the kids at Owen's school. It was a leaf throwing extravaganza!