Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day V ~ Trip to Seattle

We took the 101, just like we had on the way to Port Angeles so we were passing the same things we'd passed the day before, only this time, it was sunny. So, everything looked different.

As if Crescent Lake hadn't been beautiful enough the day before, it was ridiculous in the bright sunlight:

I posted this before to show how clear the water is:

Love this tree! I could sit and look at this view all day long. The sun was nice but I kinda liked it better when it was raining a bit. The clouds were beautiful. I like the way the slightest bit of sun shone through. I'm only happy when it rains. Reminds me of a song:

This is, THE most beautiful place I've been to in my life. I plan to vacation here with my kids. This blue water could give River's eyes a run for their money:

Chris didn't walk down to see the lake with me again today but when I was finished, we drove to a place we'd passed the night before on the way home from Port Angeles. It's called Crescent Beach. It sounded neat so we took the turn onto Lake Crescent Road, to a right on Barnes Point Road and drove for only a few minutes, almost straight down hill and came to this little pull off and stopped to look at the water. Chris got out this time because we were so close ( a car length or so away from the zig zag walkway to the water) and it was really, really pretty. I walked down and was surprised how cold the water was. It felt like ice. It was Titanic cold.

Why not?


Not sure why he's so pissy, I'm the one doing all the driving:

Sequim Bay:

Mount Rainer as we get closer to Seattle:

We were getting confused as to where we were going and then we realized the GPS was taking us to the ferry. I've never been on a car ferry. The only thing I know about car ferries is that they sink in India with 1500 people on board. I don't know how to swim. Did I mention that?

You could almost miss the mountain peak:

This made us laugh. We're in the middle of Puget Sound:

This is what trying to be cheery while freezing your ass off looks like:

Imagine that view every day:

Walla Walla, baby!

You could almost miss Rainier if you weren't looking for it:

Nice shot up my nose:

I don't remember which mountain this is in the other direction:

A study in us. Chris is probably warm and only using one foot. I am freezing my ass off in my Bannanarama shoes. I had no idea we were crossing the sound. Note to self: LEARN HOW TO READ A MAP!!!

Edward is on our boat!

As the ferry pulled up to dock, I thought these big ass boat bumpers were very cool:

Also, look how blue that damn water is! Are there any nitrates in this part of the country?

Space Needle. This was as close as I needed to get:

Poor Pocket Edward. He had some travel pains. Nothing sucks worse than loosing your head. He really was a trooper:

No wonder he was so pissy!

Tomorrow we'll actually go into Seattle!


  1. I miss Seattle. :(
    On most days, Mount Ranier could up and smack someone in the face before they'd even know it was there, but on others it's so huge you'd think it was right on top of the Space needle.
    I think the other mountain you were talking about is Mount Baker.

    I'm loving this vicarious Twilight tour of the Northwest. Fun!

  2. I am so happy to see these pictures, so beautiful! I hope to get to go someday too :)
    See you around at Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  3. Omg I laughed SO hard hahahahaha poor pocket Edward :( lmao Im still giggling.