Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day V ~ Seattle Baby!

The ferry ride was pretty cool and something I wasn't expecting. We really should have paid more attention to the GPS because Chris pointed out that if you want to get to England, Garmin tells you to kayak across the Atlantic Ocean.

Anyhoo, this is out hotel room:

And the view:

We dropped our crap and went walking to see a bit of the city and get something to eat. We hadn't had a chance to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary so we'd decided to do it on this trip. We wanted something a little nicer, with a view.

This is us walking through the city that was fine in the sun, but cold in the shadow of the buildings:

Even in Seattle, Twilight was everywhere:

Edward with a penciled in Hitler stache. Worth a chuckle:

Where the ferry comes in, but not the one we took. We took the Kingston-Edmonds Ferry:

We ate at The Fisherman's Restaurant on Pier 57 and I had some kick ass salmon! We chose to sit outside so we could see the view. It was chilly but there was a partisan for the wind:

After we ate, we went on the other side of the partisan to watch our last West Coast sunset over looking the mountain of the Olympic National Park, just south of Crescent Lake. That's a lot of mountains:

I've only seen the sun set like this (In California and Key West) a few times but every time I see it I think if that Skittles commercial where the kid is watching the sun set with his dad and when it disappears the kid whispers, "Do it again Daddy."

Some how we cam across an elevator that brought us up 8 stories to get to the Fish Market, which was closed, but 8 levels? That city is on an incline. I didn't know that before. This is us in the elevator:

A walk back through the city proved entertaining:

The cab in the photo above ended up being how we got back to our hotel. We walked to get to the water but it was all down hill. Like San Fransisco down hill. We were not interested in walking back. I blame Chris's broken foot.

We made our way back to our hotel and got our sleep on.

We had an 11:40 flight so we left the hotel at a decent hour and returned the rental car. The only option at our hotel was to valet park. $38.00 A FUCKING NIGHT! Ain't that a bitch!?

Me in the bathroom at the airport. I never miss a bathroom:

All mine ladies, back off:

The windows were painted at our gate at the airport in Seattle. I thought it was cool although the view would have been nice as well:

Finally on the airplane:

I forget which mountain this is. Perhaps Rainer. They all run together afte a while:

I don't remember what this was, but I thought it was pretty:

I like to call this one, fast moving plane:

Goodbbye west coast sun!

On the 2nd plane after our layover in Milwaukee:

The first thing I did when I got home. Pocket Edward is good as new, baby!

I'm glad to be home because we missed our babies. Six days is a long, long time. However, I miss the Pacific Northwest. I fell in love with it there and see myself going back sooner rather than later. It makes me question why I ever moved to Maryland when there are so many other options. Clearly I'm glad I did because I met my husband and I have a wonderful family but now that we're together, I think we could take this show on the road. I'm just sayin....


  1. Such pretty pictures <3! Im glad pocket Edward has been fixed I was worried LOL.

  2. Aww, Michelle, I've been really enjoying your blogs about the trip. We are planning a trip next year to Seattle and Portland. It really was great seeing what you guys did, I'm so happy you had such a great time! See you soon:-).

  3. I'm just crazy for these photos and all your thumbs up! You and the hubs are too cute!

  4. this was great- i loved the 'back off ladies, this one's mine!'

  5. Love the photos of your trip! I'm your newest follower from the Sweet & Simple Saturday Blog Hop. Please feel free to stop by my blog when you have time.

  6. loved reading about your trip into Twilight! would love to have a similar trip one day!

  7. I just have to say that I loved reading your blog posts before my Twilight Vacation in March! Your pictures are amazing and I was just wondering what kind of camera you have?