Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twilight Trip ~ Day V ~ Leaving Forks

We got up (not so early) the next morning and once we both came to, we starting packing our crap or the trip to Seattle. I looked like I felt. How did I have a slight hangover from 3-4 drinks? It wasn't like we were in Denver where the altitude is way up there. I've experienced that and it was a nightmare but the reason for my stumbling around the motel eluded me. I'd actually forced myself to get up before it was even light outside because I wanted to put my extra Nikon battery in the charger, just to be safe. I think I ran into the bathroom door. Weird.

The only upside was waking up wrapped in my groovy Team Edward bedding:

Nice hair:

We checked out of our hotel room and walked next door to have breakfast before making a few quick stops in Forks before heading towards Seattle.

Looked like the regular crowd for a Tuesday:

This is what Chris looks like when he's humoring me:
Big. Ass. Mean. Wood. Bird.

I wanted to buy a t-shirt I'd seen earlier that said. "GOT RAIN? Forks, Washington" It made me laugh. They had so many shirts to choose from. You could get almost anything Twilight related.

Funny shirt I saw in the window of the Chinook pharmacy, located at 11 S Forks Avenue. I found it to have some great t-shirts and not as expensive as say, Dazzled by Twilight. If you look it up online it is advertised as being at THE stop light in Forks. Can you imagine living in a town with one stop light? It mush be a bitch when it's out:

This is the Ace Hardware in Forks, located at 950 S Forks Avenue. This is where it gets funny. Now every store in Forks has something Twilight related in their windows. I mean it's just good business to make all the people who visit from out of town, feel welcome and like you appreciate them being here. Seeing this in the Ace Hardware window made me laugh. "Come in and try on Bella's work vest!" it said. Really? I must have forgotten the part of the book where Bella worked at Ace Hardware.

I wanted to swing by Lappell's on the way out because they'd had a few neat things I wanted to pick up. They had lots of Twilight scrapbook paper. Where will I even see that again? It was all very cool and there was a lot of red involved, which I love.

After I got the scrapbook paper, we got in the car and drove up to see where the Mill Creek bar was. We totally could have made it. It wasn't a mile up the road, it was like 100 yards! Seriously people, learn your town. YOU LIVE THERE!

Anyhoo, we stopped by the Recreation/Information rest stop kinda thing. We didn't need any info, we just wanted to pee before we hit the road.

I also wanted a few photos of the 53 Chevy that was parked near the Twilight Lounge:

Thank goodness!

Truthfully I wasn't really ready to leave so I was trying to stretch it out. It's weird to wait so long for something and then when it's here and it's almost over, you can't believe it went by so fast. Forks really is a nice town. While I wouldn't move here because it's just too small for me, I will visit again for sure. It really is a beautiful town and we met a lot of nice people. I'd heard both good and bad things about it and some of those things turned out to be true, but I really had fun here and I did some of that in a bowling alley which just goes to show you that with the right mindset, you can have fun anywhere if you get your head out of your ass long enough. Actually the whole trip was that way. I took photos of everything (obviously) and as good as some of them are, it's even more beautiful here then I could capture. The thought of waking up and being able to see this everyday seems like a dream. It was that thinking that made me stop and take so many photos once the Forks Welcomes You sign disappeared from my side mirror. I didn't want to forget anything.


I knew I wanted a photo of the Sol Duc River sign. I'll be honest and say that the (many) times we passed over the actual river, it didn't look like much. I've seen many photos of it and they're beautiful but those clearly weren't taken from the 101.

This is Chris reading a book (1 of 4 1/2 he read on our trip) in the rental car:


I came upon a Twilight website where a girl was complaining about all of the logging they do in this area and how bad it is for the environment. A, if you're gonna bitch and moan about something, do your research first and learn about how many trees they plant and how logging keeps this area vital. B, unless you live in a fucking wigwam held together by your own snot, shut up because your friggen house is made out of wood.

Next stop, a familiar blueness.....


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